Kari Wahlgren [Interview]

Voice over artist Kari Wahlgren, Photo Credit: Michael Becker, Styled by Lauren Bernard, Makeup and Hair by Maxine Christians

Hello Dear Readers! Today we have another amazing interview with a brilliant voice over artist from our beloved Fallout franchise, the wonderful Kari Wahlgren. And much like our previous guests this week, she is also a master of the on screen/stage screen as well. For my fellow Wastelanders out there, Kari is the voice of the one and only Proctor Ingram in Fallout 4. You know, the one keeping the Brotherhood of Steel mechanically sound?! That is, right before I tend to blow them all to pieces in my own play throughs, but that is besides the point.

Kari is an incredibly talented actress and voice over actress that has been in just about everything you know and love. From Disney animated films, to the biggest video game franchises that have been enjoyed by so many, to every sort of television series you could love in the world of anime and beyond. Anime fans especially should be excited about her upcoming return to the legendary series FCLC that is on Adult Swim on Saturday nights! She can be heard in the upcoming Adam Sandler led film Hotel Transylvania 3. Video game fanatics will recognize her vocal chops from series like Final Fantasy, Halo, The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, and just so much more. She really can do anything!

So Ladies & Gentlemen & Non-binary alike, please enjoy some amazing words from the extremely accomplished and amazingly talented human being, Kari Wahlgren!

When did you discover that you had a unique talent for the world of voice over work? Was it always something you had imagined doing as a youth, or did you just find yourself excelling in this line of work one day?

I knew from a pretty early age, I think.  I was really into cartoons as a child and had a sense that someone was doing the voices. I told my parents I wanted to be a Disney cartoon character one day. I’ve always had an eye on it as a part of my creative career.


What was your very first paid gig in the voice over world that you remember getting? And did this experience help shape your work in some shape or form on your future endeavors?

I was on a studio tour with my parents on my 11th birthday, and they were looking to cast a girl my age in a radio drama.  They asked me if I’d like to audition, and I got the part, and I recorded two episodes right there on the spot.  That was my first voiceover job, and it definitely made me want to do more VO work in the future.


One project that you have worked on was performing as the Brotherhood of Steel’s jack of all trades Proctor Ingram in the video game we adore around here known as Fallout 4. So, amongst the plethora of video games you have added your talents to, how does the Fallout world stand out in your mind?

I think they used a fake working title for the game when we were recording it, so I didn’t know what I was working on for a while. I had only enough context to know who my character was but not what was happening overall.  I remember the character artwork being very cool and being impressed with the script…I didn’t find out until later that it was Fallout 4.

Fans of the Fallout series are a very die-hard group of people, to say the least. I am confident in saying this, as I believe I am one! So how has your fan interaction been when it comes to the world of Fallout? I know it is only one specific project you have worked on, but I am curious to know how my fellow Fallout fans react in your presence? 

Actually, not a lot of people know I worked on the game!  That’s one that surprises people! If there are fans out there doing cool fan art of Proctor Ingram, please share it on social media…I’d love to see it!!

On the topic of die-hard fan bases…you also happened to work on a bit on a show with one of the biggest cult followings around these days, which would be Rick & Morty. In your own personal opinion, as someone who has worked behind the scenes, what do you believe it is about R&M that has managed to generate such a large following? What sets this show apart from other animated series in the same vain as this one?

I think Rick and Morty manages to be both gross and offensive and incredibly smart! Justin and Dan are two of the most brilliant guys I’ve met…their brains operate on a whole different level, and it comes across on the show.

Beyond the world of voice over work, you are also an accomplished theatre performer as well as having done some on-camera work. I am curious to know how you might compare the two forms of performance? What do you find to be the benefits to each style of performance?

In voiceover, you are limited to using your voice to create your character.  In theater and on-camera, you can use your body language and facial expressions and props, but you’re also more limited in a way.  I play everything from babies to grandmas in voiceover, and I wouldn’t be able to play those parts on camera…there’s a great freedom in that.

Voice over artist Kari Wahlgren, Photo Credit: Michael Becker, Styled by Lauren Bernard, Makeup and Hair by Maxine Christians

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to share with our readers?

More new episodes of FLCL2 are airing Saturday nights on Adult Swim, which is really exciting.  I also have a few new projects that I’m hoping to be able to announce really soon.  You can find me on Instagram at @kari_wahlgren and Twitter @KariWahlgren .

I try to post all of my updates there, and I love hearing from the fans!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Listening to the band Slaughter in my car.  I geek out pretty hard over those guys.

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