Niousha Noor [Interview]


Lately, I have been hearing a lot of buzz about a program on the beloved Home Box Office (HBO, if we are to go shorthand) entitled Here and Now. And the word on the digital streets is that actress Niousha Noor is one of the biggest highlights of the series to lookout for. So it goes without saying, we are extremely happy to be able to share a few words from this amazing actress that is currently excelling brilliantly in Alan Ball’s latest project that has been getting some excellent reviews as of later.

And as it usually tends to be when we finally attempt to do something new here at TWS, we are IN LOVE! Niousha Noor has turned out to be an extremely brilliant, funny, and far too kind human being. She was nice enough to share a few words with us about Here and Now, her viral video that is #PERSIANIZE, and so much more in this incredible interview that I am to so happy to share with you fine underserving readers! Niousha has turned out to be a perfect fit for TWS. She has checked off so many boxes that make her a brilliant fit for our digital pages. She is a strong independent woman, she’s killing it on a series with a strong message, and she has worked in our beloved world of horror/comedy. Hell, should Niousha find her way into the Fallout video game world, we might have to make her Mayor!

So with that, let me stop babbling and share some pretty amazing words form the brilliant Niousha Noor! Enjoy!

When did you first discover you had a passion for the arts? Did you grow up dreaming about performance, or did you just sort of find your way into this world?

As a kid in Iran I was always involved in the world of cinema as my dad is a cinematographer. I found myself often on movie sets. Movies and arts were a big part of my childhood, but I didn’t really think about myself as an actor until later on in life.

I have heard great things about Alan Ball’s HBO series Here and Now, in which you play Donya, a crucial character in the mystery of the show. What drew you to this project? What did you then, and now, find most intriguing about the concept?

What drew me to the project was the sides I had to audition for! The role specifically wanted an Iranian women speaking Farsi. It seemed to be about a mother in search of something… in the 1970s….. There is not many roles for “Iranians” to begin with but have it be in this form shrouded in such mystery was very intriguing.


What do you believe to be the most important thing that viewers should take away from Here and Now, on a social commentary level? And specifically, your character’s involvement in that commentary?

I think just looking at the cast you’ll immediately notice that it’s a show about diversity and identity. About how we deal with that diversity not only as a tight-knit family but on a larger scale as a society and what we identify with as individuals. In a sense asking the question of who are we in the here and now? And diversity not only in terms of race and ethnicity, but also sexuality, politics, class and age. My character as part of Farid’s backstory helps him come to terms with his past and helps him find who he is.

Now, we here at Trainwreck’d Society are very big fans of the world of horror, especially horror of the more campy variety. Scrolling through your IMDb credits, I noticed a film that I have yet to see, but feel that by title alone, I would at least be a bit intrigued. it is called Oh Snap! I’m Trapped in the House with a Crazy Lunatic Serial Killer. I mean, the title pretty much spells it out, but, would you care to elaborate on this project a bit? What was it like to work in the world of horror on a project like this?

Oh wow! Ha! I have to say, I had so much fun shooting that film! There were so many of us all staying at the same house we were shooting in! Well I, (spoiler alert), did shoot my very first death scene in that movie, and I was killed by an axe! So….that was indeed horrific and fun to shoot!

I am very intrigued by a project you did, and currently working on a follow up for, entitled #PERSIANIZE. Can you tell us a bit about this? What inspired you to create this project?

Yes!! Ok so…

I love to dance, especially to persian music of the 80’s. These songs are so nostalgic for me as I grew up dancing to them in Iran. I thought of this concept of an Iranian woman crashing a dance class  in Hollywood, pretending to be their substitute teacher and basically teaching them Persian dance instead. I was able to get such a cool group of real dancers for the shoot and the result was not only so much fun, but beautiful. These songs pull the strings of most Iranian hearts as we all have so many memories with them, so to see Americans dancing Iranian and so beautifully too, I don’t know, it was touching. The video went viral mainly in the Iranian community so I believe they agreed! I’m just ready to have a different conversation about Iran! Persianize to me is about bringing forth the fun, beautiful aspects of my culture to those who don’t know it! I’m in the process of making the second video due to the high demand, so look out for it on my page!


If you were given the chance to portray any legendary figure (historical, or not) in Iranian history, who would it be?

What a great question. I would have to say Gordafarid. She is one of the heroines in the Shahnameh–Book of Kings-which is this epic literary masterpiece written by Ferdowsi centuries before Game of Thrones! Gordafarid is a female heroine, a champion. A woman who volunteers to fight against the commander of the other rival group, and she wins. She is a symbol of courage and bravery for Iranian women -or just women in general. It would be an incredible journey to play her– even if not— I would be delighted to be a part of a project that just tells the stories of Shahnameh because they are magnificent.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

Well there will be more of a reveal to my character Donya in the final episodes of Here And Now. Also definitely look out for the second NuNu #Persianize video! I am also in the middle of finishing my first feature–I am really enjoying the process of creating and telling stories!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

This question did 🙂

But before this, I recently booked a trip to Europe. Once I saw the ‘Congratulations, your trip is booked!’ confirmation, I had a really big grin on my face. I love to travel.

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