Sunday Matinee: Kuleana [Film]







I’ll just kick things off here by saying that Kuleana is at its very core, a seriously insightful film. It is wonderful look into the damnation and tyranny that would ensue after the statehood was confirmed for the land of Hawaii. It’s really something that I had never actually thought too much about. I have always known that the natives to Hawaii have always been a very strong and proud group of folks, and that the white gentrification of the land was, to put it lightly, pretty fucked up. But to see some very probably events depicted in such a manner as this film does is a whole new proverbial ball game. It is a toxic and frightening thing I am very willing to admit that I can never truly understand. But, it didn’t stop me from enjoying a very well made film on the subject.

Kuleana is a film that focuses on one man’s journey to clear his father’s tarnished name, and to retain purity to his land that is unscathed from the indignity of commercial greed but is in danger of being handed over to the corporate monsters who are uncaring about the sacred history of a land as they can not see such beauty with their eyes blinded by dollar signs. Phew. That was a bit of a rant wasn’t it? Anyway, Kuleana is a hell of a film with a brilliant cast. If you couldn’t tell from the big of agony and anger I am putting into writing this, there are some demons associated with this film. And one of the biggest demons of them all is portrayed by Stefan C. Schaefer, who portrays a true bonafide asshole on a Nurse Ratchet level. He’s so good at this role that you couldn’t even “love to hate” his character. You just hate him. So much respect also has to be given to Sonya Balmores and Moronai Kanekoa, who give absolutely dynamite performances as well. And also Marlene Said, who was just downright adorable!

Whether you find yourself to be emotional attached to this little group of islands out there in the Pacific, or you are just a fan of very well made cinema, Kuleana is a film that will have something for you. You really do owe it to yourself to check it out!





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