TWS Week of Horror Day 7: Katia Bokor [Interview]



Have you ever seen some do a performance and just feel it in your gut….this person is going to be a STAR! It’s like a rare glimpse into future. We here at Trainwreck’d have caught them before, and were fortunate to be able to grab their attention early on in their career. And today’s interviewee is no exception.

Katia Bokor is not only a beautiful actress, she is an amazingly talented actor, dancer, model, on and on and on. Most recently you may recognize her in the hit horror film Don’t Breathe which she is absolutely excellent in! Or if you are into junk food for the brain, you may remember a gossip rag story involving her and the “artists” formerly known as Brangelina based around her work on World War Z. But, that was bullshit, and should not really be acknowledged. Google it if you really care. No, we want to focus on how wonderful this woman is as an actress. She has so much to offer not just to the world of horror, but to the world of film in general. So please enjoy a few words with the lovely and talented Katia Bokor! Enjoy!


When did you decide you wanted to be an actress? Was it always something you have done or wanted to do?

I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Before that I was a professional ballerina, danced on the stage of the Bolshoi and the Hungarian State Opera. We had acting class in ballet school, which I rather enjoyed. I actually made a teacher fall of his chair from laughter at one of our acting exams. My coach at the Hungarian Dance Academy, renowned actress Zsuzsa Banki told me back then, that I have made the wrong career choice, and at the age of 24 I realized she was right: my passion is acting.

Recently you appeared in the very successful horror film from Fede Alvarez called Don’t Breathe. Can you tell us a bit about your experience making this terrifying and amazing

Fede Alvarez is a wonderful director, I am very lucky to have worked with him. I am just getting back to acting after a little break of being 100% mommy, and he made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. In this film my life was spared. I wasn’t terrified till I saw the screening!


Just for fun: If you were handed the chance to perform any strong female in world history, who would it be?

Zelda Fitzgerald

What is not as widely known is that Zelda was a writer, a trained dancer, and an artist in her own right. Some of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous lines are rumored to have been uttered by Zelda. I am a big admirer of Scott and would be honored to portray his muse onscreen.

And what does the future hold for you? Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I will be appearing in several TV shows(, always playing different characters. I am proud to say, that most likely even my mother wouldn’t recognize me in some of the roles. Would love to show some photos, but not allowed until the shows air. Just as an example,  how I looked in World War Z.


In the spirit of the season, I have to ask, what is your favorite scary movie?

Gremlins!! 🙂

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The other day when I was at my Mom’s house I realized I forgot my mascara and the only one she had was blue. I figured, why not? When I picked up my 3 year old boy from school, he asked me why were my eyelashes blue? I told him, because I was Spider Woman. He replied: “No Mommy, only clowns have blue eyelashes and I don’t want you to look like a clown.” All good, I was never really an 80’s fashion fan anyway.

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