TWS Week of Horror Day 6: Pete Goldfinger [Interview]


If you haven’t noticed over the years, being that I am sure you are all old time fans who have been reading forever….we love writers. Writers of anything, but we definitely have a predilection towards screenwriters. These days there is a real emphasis on “the writing” on several TV shows. It really doesn’t seem to cross over to writers of films, as it really seemed to, especially in the 90’s. But trust me, they are out there. And we happened to have been given the chance to talk to one. And while “horror” may not Pete Goldfinger’s main focus, he may have fucked up by being just so damned good at it. Goldfinger is the man behind new horror classics like Sorority Row and the reboot of Joe Dante’s original film Piranha, Piranha 3D, that was absolutely fantastic and makes me laugh just thinking about it. That’s what a good horror film will do in the end, right? Make you laugh? Anyway, Pete Goldfinger is a brilliant and charismatic guy, and we are so happy to have him here on the 6th day of our Week of Horror. He’s also very professional, as you will see when I ask him about his upcoming additions to the Saw series. But he can’t hide forever! I will continue to be excited about his upcoming work to the series, and will be seriously pissed if he doesn’t end up having his words put to screen for this series that borders between genius and ridiculousness. But, we are not really here to talk about that. We are hear to talk horror with Pete Goldfinger. So let’s talk!

Sorority Row was released back in 2009 and instantly thrust you into the world of iconic horror writers, along with your writing partner Josh Stolberg. When did you decide you wanted to be in the world of horror? And what attracted you to the horror genre?

First, I would say that we were thrown into the world of “iconic horror writers adjacent.” Josh Stolberg (my writing partner) and I were mostly comedy guys who hobbied in horror, but after remakes of Dawn of the Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out to big box office in 2003/2004, Josh came to me and said, “They’re going to remake all of ‘em. We need to find some titles to try to reboot.” We went to the people who owned the rights to Sorority Row and Piranha, and suddenly, our hobby become our career.

Josh and you definitely make a wonderful team. What do you think it is that makes you a great writing team?

Josh and I actually met in 1987 at the University of Vermont. I played Officer Shrank in Josh’s directorial debut of West Side Story. You need to have good balance. In our case, I provide the good, and he provides the shitty. No, Josh is all about big picture stuff (kills, set pieces and the like) where I think I take point on characters and relationships. So I’ll amend my first statement to say, “He’s all flash while I’m substance.”

When you were writing Piranha 3D, how closely were you trying to keep to Joe Dante’s original script?

It was a complete reboot. We loved his, but we knew that the real star was the Piranhas.

Were you at all surprised by the runaway success of Piranha 3D? Did your words come out on the screen as you had pictured them?

I think what you mean to say is were we surprised by the critical runaway success of Piranha 3D. Alex Aja is a genius. Everything you may have liked about that movie goes to him. Although we will take credit for the fact that, at least until this moment, we are still the only horror film to ever feature Jerry McConnell having his penis eaten by fish. You’re welcome, America.


I understand you have been tagged to write the next installment in the legendary Saw franchise. So, what can we expect to see, without spoiling too much? Are you planning to stick to the original feel of the other films?

Is that what you’ve heard? Well, if it’s true, I have no comment.

So what else do you have happening? Anything else you’d like to tell us about?

We’re actively working on a 13 part limited TV series very much in the spirit of The Hill Have Eyes.

Do you have any plans for Halloween this year? Any traditions?

Yes, our family has a tradition that I dress like a rabbi while my wife and daughters dress as “embarrassed family of a guy dressed like rabbi.”

What is your favorite scary movie?

Too many to count. I’m a sucker for any crappy one from the 70s where nobody can act, but most recently I was a big fan of the first Cold Prey and Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In.

My favorite older horror film is The Shining. I know, boring, but I think I know every line from that movie.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Overheard from my daughter’s bedroom: “Cassie, if you’re ever in a Looney Toons cartoon and somebody asks you if you want one lump or two with your tea, just say none.”

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