Matt Beat – Story Time with Mr. Beat [Video]


I have been following the work of Mr. Matt Beat for quite some time.  He was one of the first folks to jump in as a contributor for the book I developed entitled Children of Mercy, and I had already been a fan of his two piece band Electric Needle Room.  But, what became most interesting about Matt was that he was a indie pop mastermind by night…..but, a middle school social studies teacher by day.  And as a man who has been seen fit to grace our future’s children with the knowledge they deserve, it has been an honor to hear what he has to say.  This may very well be why he has been a Guest Wrecker here at TWS not just once, but twice!  He has also managed to make our Top 37 1/2 Albums list for the last 3 years (#31 in 2012, #21 in 2013, and #32 in 2014)

As the years drove on, Matt begun creating these wonderful albums entitled The Presidents of the United States of America.  3 volumes, each with a song about each and every president.  And he released them each President’s Day for 3 straight years (as well, as a bonus single for our current Commander in Chief.  Have you ever wanted to know more about Millard Filmore?   Where you actually unsure that he was even a president?  Well, Mr. Beat has you covered!

Matt’s latest ventures have lead him to create Story Time With Mr. Beat, a YouTube based format that he uses to making learning history, just a bit more fun.  Matt Beat is one of those rare beings in this world who has decided to use his talent and powers for good and to educate the youth about some of the most important events in American history.

I will always be a fan of yours Mr. Beat…..but, I am still waiting on that Al Gore track you promised.  Until then folks, check out Story Time with Mr. Beat!


Note: While Trainwreck’d Society is transiting into its imminent extinction, reflective posts like this with a shit ton of links can be expected from now until we call the whole damn thing off in July. Enjoy!

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