President’s Day….the Indie Way! (w/Electric Needle Room)

It’s President’s Day.  Sort of a BS holiday if you ask me.  Unless you happen to be a presidential enthusiast/middle school history teacher/indie rokker!!!  Then it’s probably a bit like Christmas two months later!  And for the immensely light-hearted and multi instrumentalist Matt Beat (a.k.a. Electric Needle Room) he is giving the best present you could give on this “holiday”.  I present to you, The Presidents of the United Of America (Volume 2).

Last year (on President’s Day obviously) Electric Needle Room released the first 15 track album, featuring songs about the first 15 presidents.  That’s George Washington right through to James Buchanan (I’m sure you know all of them already, right?).  What was created was an extremely playful and insightful disc of wonderful tracks.  I had a review for it at Fensepost.

And right on schedule, Volume 2 is out (Abraham Lincoln through Herbert Hoover….but you already knew that, right?).  Here we learn even more crazy fun facts about our past leaders.  Example:  Did you know that Woodrow Wilson is the only president to have a PHD?  Facts and more facts!  And some downright fun and incredible songs as well.  What better way could you think of to celebrate our forefathers?


You can download both albums at a name your price….price.  Find it at Electric Needle Room’s bandcamp.

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