Trevor Moore – High In Church [Video]


If you’ve been following TWS over the last few years, you may have noticed that we absolutely love the Whitest Kids U Know.  We have been fortunate enough to have a few of the guys on the site over the years.  In fact, my very first interview was with the oh-so-hilarious cast member Timmy Williams (thinking about it more, most of my readers will probably remember him best from THIS).  And years later we got a few words from the equally awesome, vacuum fucking, Sam Brown.  Also you can find the immensely talented, and later star of the awesome show Guys With Kids that was cancelled because people don’t understand GOOD television,  Zach Cregger right here.

One guy we never seemed to be able to get in touch with was the undisputed “leader” of the pack, Trevor Moore (and Darren Trumeter, but not for lack of trying!).  But, that hasn’t stopped us from loving what he (they) does (do).  And Trevor has been on a roll lately.  You may have caught him as the “man in the street”, basically a trick on Jay Leno’s track on The Tonight Show.  But, more importantly, he has released two wonderful comedy albums in the last couple of years, Drunk Texts To Myself and the most recent High In Church.

High In Church has also spawned into a brilliant hour long comedy special that aired on Comedy Central recently.  The special featured several videos that have exploded on YouTube, simply because they are uniquely hilarious.

So with that, I thought it would be fun to share the video for the title track, “High In Church”.  And as a little extra special bonus, the video features another previous TWS interviewee, the brilliant comedian Johnny Pemberton.

So check out the video, and head on over to iTunes, and pick up the album High In Church.


Note: While Trainwreck’d Society is transiting into its imminent extinction, reflective posts like this with a shit ton of links can be expected from now until we call the whole damn thing off in July.  Enjoy!

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