Timmy Williams [Interview]

I was recently fortunate enough to come in contact with the (soon to be) comedic legend Timmy Williams.  You know him best as an extremely lovable and talented member of the comedy troupe Whitest Kids U Know.  Whether you’ve seen them live on the summer festival circuit, had their show relentlessly hold space on your DVR, or dig through YouTube trying to find the best video to discuss with your religious co-worker two cubicles down from you about, you have probably seen our friend Timmy.  Sometimes he places the far too nice punching bag of the group.  But, die hard WKUK fans will always hold the likes of “Timmy Dance” and the recently hilarious “Baked Beans” as just a couple of the finest moments in the show’s history.  And that just wouldn’t be without the brilliance of Timmy Williams.  Fresh of the farms of South Dakota, Timmy has seen the early stages of his comedy career turn into some great success.  And the future can only look brighter and brighter for this rising talent.

The show has since had it’s finale, and will only grace our cable boxes via syndicated bliss.  But, Timmy and crew have given us a half a decade of groundbreaking work (poop has never been covered so well prior to this show) that will definitely be remembered.  For a while anyway.I thought it would be nice to have a quick chat with Timmy and share shared statements with the likes of you fine Trainwreck’d readers.  Check it out as we discuss music videos, Andrew W.K., fatherhood, South Dakota’s comedy scene, and more!  Enjoy!As a comedian who has worked between the realms of stand up, acting, and sketch comedy, which do you rightfully prefer?  This is as tough a question as “what’s your favorite food?”  I like all 3: stand up because it gives me complete independence and instant gratification, acting because it’s fun to collaborate with a huge group of people, and sketch because it’s fun to collaborate with a small group of people.

You have recently become a father for the first time, can we expect some family oriented type bits from you in the future?

Well, my stand up is already becoming peppered with baby stuff.  I always wanted to be a comic that “doesn’t do that,” but once you have a kid, you realize you have nothing else going on to write about.

How did you become involved with Shawn Fogel and his Golden Bloom music video directed by Alicia J. Rose?

Boring story.  A friend who knows Alicia asked me to do it.  Done.

Yeah, that was pretty much a shameless plug for my good friend Shawn anyway.  So, what made you choose the City of Roses as your current residence?

We wanted to start doing some urban agriculture stuff, like raise chickens and garden.  Now we’re going to move to LA so I can earn some money because that other stuff doesn’t.

How was the comedy scene around you growing up in rural South Dakota?

What comedy scene?

Sadly I know exactly what you mean.  So, now that you’re living, temporarily, in the land of 100,000 musicians, and been featured in an indie rock sensation’s music video, I have to ask….are you in a band? 

No.  I have very little musical talent.  I can kind of play the sax and am “funny” at karaoke, but not good.

That being said, if you could sit in with any band, active or not, for just one show, who would it be?

I would love to sing backups with Andrew W.K.

What does the future hold for you post WKUK?  Will you still tour with the troupe, or is officially disbanned?

The troupe is still together!  We’re writing a movie, we’re working on a tour, and I’m sure you’ll see us around the TV in one way or another.  We’re definitely not done filling the world with poop jokes.

Most importantly, where did you learn to dance with such grace and zest?

You know what’s crazy?  I can actually explain that.  Every summer between the ages of 12 and 16, I attended an arts day camp for a week.  One of the mandatory classes was ballet, and so I actually know some ballet moves.  That’s silly.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

I can’t remember exactly, but I’m sure it was either the baby or a fart.

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