The Verve Pipe: Overboard [Album]

The Verve Pipe - OverboardA couple of summers ago I attended another Pig Out In the Park at Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington just as I had several times throughout my youth and during my 3 year stint living in the city.  But the summer of 2012 was very different.  That year a blast from my past was performing, and I knew I had to be front and center.  The Verve Pipe was there to rock the park like few have done in the past.  And at some point it occurred to me just how surreal it was to be standing in the middle of this park with my wife and three daughters, hearing “Freshman” live and in person, when it seemed like just yesterday that I was rolling around this very city with my old man hearing this wonderful track routinely played on the down extinct Z-Rock, and falling in love with these guys.  For 90’s kids, you won’t be surprised that I used to sit next to the radio, blank cassette tape on deck, just waiting to get a chance record both “Freshman” and “Photograph”.  And of course, saving my allowance to run to the nearest Sam Goody on the Tuesday that Villains dropped.  Remember when we had to do that?  Well it has been quite a few years since Villains, and 13 years since The Verve Pipe dropped their last album, Underneath, but the boys are back!  And I will be hot damned if their latest release doesn’t take me right back to those good old days of Z-Rock and rocking out in Riverfront Park.

The Verve Pipe is a band that you absolutely must see live to truly appreciate it.  But, we all know this isn’t always possible (although they are constantly on tour!), so they have been oh so kind to put their brilliance on wax, and produced an amazing new album with their latest release, Overboard.  Tracks like “Here In the Dark” and “I Want To Bury You” are very reminiscent of their glory days in the 90’s, while “Carry On” brings us back around to 2001 with their signature pop rock sound that is simply delightful.  Whether you are a long time fan of The Verve Pipe, just discovering them, or just like damn good music, Overboard is a brilliant work of art that simply must be admired.

Recently I reviewed the latest release from Cowboy Mouth, and I made a statement about the mixed bag of emotions there is in learning of new releases from some of your favorite artists from the past.  Well, much like Cowboy Mouth, this is yet another band from my youth that is an obvious exception.  These cats simply rock, no matter what decade they are in.  And Overboard is a brilliant album that could forge a brilliant set list on its own, voiding “Freshman” all together.  Although, admittedly, I was a giggling fool when I finally got to hear it live on that beautiful summer day in 2012.  But, times have changed, and a new era is upon us.  And The Verve Pipe are going to be here to usher it all in.  And that is a damn good thing!

Head on over to the band’s WEBSITE to find out how you can pick up a copy of Overboard for yourself.


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