Cowboy Mouth: Go! [Album]

artworks-000081572910-1ra26o-t500x500I have been listening to Cowboy Mouth for just about as long as I can remember…anything at all.  This is a band that has been rocking shows and shaking up worlds for a ridiculous amount of years.  And with each passing year, they are showing no signs of slowing down.  This may be a band that saw its start of success during the happy-go-sadly days of the 90’s, but they have proven time and again that their music is absolutely timeless.  And after a dozen studio albums and countless live shows viewed by millions, their legacy is one that will truly never be forgotten.

Cowboy Mouth’s most recent album, Go!, might seem to be just another simple addition to an already vast and impressive catalog of music.  This wouldn’t be entirely a bad thing, but it would also be false.  Go! might very well be one of the most fun albums these guys have ever released.  It is loud, respectfully abrasive, and just so much damn fun!  If you need an example, check out “My Little Secret”, and try to tell me that these NOLA masters of entertainment don’t know a thing or two about rocking the hell out.  Go!  is indeed very reminiscent of days passed for Cowboy Mouth, but it definitely stands on its own two feet as a beautiful work of art.  Even on a more heart-felt track like “Where’s The Rain”, Fred LeBlanc and crew seem to demand some sort of swaying, emotional body movements.

Being a 90’s kid, it is always a sort of mixed bag of emotions when you see bands you loved 15-20 years ago continue to put out work.  I’m always proud of them, and usually always love the music!  Talent does not die out with trends, it is forever.  But, the downside is in the live performances.  Seeing a band being pigeon-held to certain tracks and moments of their lives that they may have grown apart from, but know damn well they can’t get away with NOT playing that “one song”.  I bring this up here only because Cowboy Mouth seems to definitely be the anti-matter of this theory.  This is a crew that has built their entire success around being energetic, talented, and the masters of a damn good time!  Every Cowboy Mouth show is an experience, and every track is a hit.  Cowboy Mouth is that sort of band that you can put on shuffle in your iTunes, and be damn certain that one of their “good” songs is going to come on next.  This is a band that has broken the stigma that they could have easily fell victim to, and decided to say, “Nah, we’re just going to rock!”  And rock they have, and we should all feel so damn fortunate for their presence, and that after all these years, they can still manage to release one of the finest rock n roll records of the year!


Pick up your own copy of Go!, and find out when Cowboy Mouth will be performing in a city near you (chances are that they surely will be!), at the band’s WEBSITE.

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