10 (more) Great Indie Rock Songs For Kids Under 10 (and one 90’s R&B track for good measure) [Exclusive]

girlsA few months ago I posted our first session of 10 Great Indie Rock Songs For Kids Under 10 with an immense of pride in my beautiful three little daughters.  They had become immersed in some really good tunes during the time that I was away in the Land of the Morning Calm thanks to my lovely wife. But, alas, we went and “fucked it all away” as one track on the following list might state.  Where did we go wrong?  Well, a little film from the small and minute company known as “Disney” but out yet another one of their silly little animated movies.  It was called Frozen.  And it soon took over our motherfucking lives with a steel reprimand hoisted above the once high heads we were once holding so high in pride for the coolness we thought we had instilled upon our children.

I would soon learn about some sort of “Let It Go” video craze, in which parents would film their kids singing this damn song from the movie (maybe, you have heard it?  You know, if you have ears and basic cable?).  It became phenomenon.  Awards were one, the creators were praised, College Humor dissed, blah, blah blah.  Hell, I certainly could have uploaded several versions of the videos myself if I were so self inclined.  The girls just would not stop singing these goddamned songs.  Yet I could not bring myself to act upon such types of douchebaggery.  Even though, as some of you know, I am all about exploiting the cuteness of my kids for a few hundred page views (this post being simple proof), but even I could not bring myself to gravitate towards such hapless and classless measures.  I began to instantly regret the trip to Vancouver we took to watch this ridiculous movie at a comfortable Cinetopia.

But, alas, we are trying to regain our daughter’s coolness.  Although, just recently Frozen was released on home video, so the efforts might be stalled.  But, alas, we are still trying.  I have recently introduced my youngest daughter to the beauty of Bob Dylan, and she seems to be taking a liking to it.  Many of the other tracks on here are one’s they have loved, have learned to love, so on and so on.  Some of them are disputably “indie”, but I am not getting into that argument over some songs that are good for kids.  Besides, it is a long slow recovery from the addiction of Demi Lovato and Disney movies.  But we are slowly helping them back towards the road to recovery.  Even if that means letting them enjoy a few Mumford and Sons songs.  So, here I present to you 10 more great indie rock songs for kids under 10.  And yeah, in the event of their recovery, and current relapse, I decided I would introduce a song that was absolutely the bee’s freaking knees when I was 9 years old.  Which is not a even a rock song at all, but a stellar 90’s stylized R&B song that I think history will someday show as a brilliant addition to the world of music.

So, I offer up these next few songs up to all of those who may be willing to take up arms against the devilishly catchy tunes that bullshit pop stars and the Disney corporation may try to infest upon the world.  And also as an apology to all of those who have managed to keep their kids successfully cool for all of these years.  Please show me the ways.  With that being said, please enjoy 10 (More) Great Indie Rock Songs For Kids Under 10 ( and one 90’s R&B track for good measure).

Note:  The tracks that are Bob Dylan covers were by chosen at random by me because I thought they sounded cool and did cool covers.  It was the original versions of the songs from Blood on the Tracks that made my daughter happy.  I just felt this might bring me some sort of salvation.  Alright, enjoy!



The Head and the Heart – Let’s Be Still

Tom Russell – Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts (Bob Dylan cover)

Jonathan David – If You See Her Say Hello (Bob Dylan cover)

Twin Forks – Back To You

The Weepies – Gotta Have You

The Shins – New Slang

Mumford and Sons – Broken Crown

The Lumineers – Stubborn Love

Sea Wolf – Middle Distance Runner

Of Monsters and Men – Your Bones

And for a bit of good measure, I’ve also turned my kids onto this classic gem of a track:

Soul For Real – Candy Rain

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2 Responses to 10 (more) Great Indie Rock Songs For Kids Under 10 (and one 90’s R&B track for good measure) [Exclusive]

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  2. mammaflybox says:

    What about “What does the fox say”? I loved it at first, but now it is like the F word in our house…forbidden.

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