10 Great Indie Rock Songs for Kids Under 10 [Exclusive]

GirlsBeing a parent is a tough job at times.  Of course it is rewarding at least half the time though.  A parent, especially young parents, should always live in a constant fear of raising their kids to be upstanding citizens by the time they are able to take care of themselves.  That is our goal, our job, and should be the hope that we create decent and mature people.  It is our duty (ha, dootie) to develop the best kind of people we can, and maybe with just enough dysfunction to make them hilarious, as the old meme/saying goes.  And folks, this twenty something blogger and father of three is absolutely convinced that this can simply NOT happen whilst letting your kids listen to terrible music.

Let’s face it, when you are a kid you don’t know crap about music.  The sounds blaring from your parent’s car radio or from that secret room you aren’t suppose to go in that is used for “mommy and daddy time” is about all you know when it comes to music.  A child’s parental influence on what we listen to is obviously a big one.  That is if we take the time to teach our children what the hell good music truly is.  Sadly the days of turning on the radio to learn about good music is over.  Old tyrants of days past (yes, I am talking to you Dad!) like to give us a mountain of shit for “our music” today being so terrible.  But we are domineering culture of the now.  We know great music is out there.  Just as my father taught me about Pink Floyd when I was 10 years old and laughing at Dark Side of the Moon because it was “just a bunch of noises” and he told that I would one day “get it”, I shall do the same for my children.  Or when my mom desperately wanted me to enjoy country music, and I let it go at an early age, but eventually found my way in to respecting old school country, pre-dating 1980, I will teach my kids that not all forms of music can be generalized.  And just as my dearly departed grandmother used to have me tag along on trips to the grocery store listening to cassette tapes of Nirvana, Meat Loaf, and Whitesnake, I will teach my kids that is perfectly acceptable to rock!

Now, I am not going to debate the term “indie rock” any longer.  I guess I have accepted its death as we had to do with “alternative”.  I have put out a book on the digital and actual shelves on the subject, written with some very great minds in tact, so I have made my piece/peace.  This awesome playlist below is simply some of the tracks that my three beautiful daughters have come to know and love.  As some of you know, I recently returned from a year long stint in South Korea, and my lovely wife has done a wonderful job taking care of them back in our old Northwest hometown.  And while her mothering and nurturing has been phenomenal, the music snob in me is mostly impressed with the great work she has done in having our kids miss out on the One Directions and Rihannas of the world, and have “chosen” to be subdued by the music culture of their parents.  They are some very “hip” 8, 6, and 4 year old kids.  Of course, it might be inevitable that they run down a path just as I did around ages 10-13 where they go off course just as I did when I discovered 90’s R&B with the likes of Boyz II Men and All-4-One, which some how led me to some junior high years of desiring gangster rap, all of which I will never be ashamed for.  But for now, I think we are doing pretty damn good.

So folks I would like to present to you: 10 Great Indie Rock Songs for Kids Under 10, as hand picked by Ava, Sophia, and Lelaina Trembath.  Enjoy!  And always remember, it is a scientific fact that listening to bad music will equate to living a bad life*.  Also be sure to check out the video at the end of my beautiful Sophia doing her own rendition of “Your Bones”.


[Update:  Check out 10 (more) Great Indie Rock Songs for Kids Under 10, for more wonderful songs for your kids]


*(not a scientific fact)

Of Monsters and Men – Your Bones

Tegan and Sara – Closer

The Head and the Heart – Rivers and Roads

There Is No Mountain

There Is No Mountain – Blowing Away (CLICK HERE TO HEAR TRACK)

Stars – Dead Hearts

Avalanche City – Love Love Love

Good Old War – Better Weather

Blitzen Trapper – The Tree

The Sea The Sea – Love We Are Love We

Twin Forks – Can’t Be Broken

And of course, Sophia Trembath doing her rendition of Of Monsters and Men’s “Your Bones”

Thanks for reading folks!

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