Tacocat: NVM [Album]

Tacocat NVM LargeI’m not much for loudness.  I have to admit this right off before even beginning to speak of Tacocat’s last album, NVM.  I am more prone to listen to calming indie folk over loud pop-punk clatter.  But, there are always exceptions.  Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggits are one of them.  And yet an even further stretch from my regular listening is the female fronted (and 3/4 total having vaginas) and absolutely brilliant Tacocat.  In the vain of Hot Pants Romance and so many other brilliant pop punkster, this is band that anybody can love, no matter how scared we are of the powers of the loud.

NVM takes all of one large cup of coffee to listen too.  Each track is fast paced and packed with excitement.  And underneath the happy go lucky attitudes, there is a plethora of great stories to be told.  Dancing with rainbows, surfing, snow days.  Just as Tacocat is in sound, these songs are all about fun!  Even when the subject matter may be horrifying, it still makes me smile!  How can you not smile whilst hearing what sounds like The Go Go’s dropped acid and drank 14 Red Bulls with no regard for their never going to die existence.

And as I mentioned in last year’s 12 For ’12, Tacocat is one of the funnest acts to see live.  I would give my favorite child’s soul to catch them playing these new songs live.  They’ve been around the country lately, including some stints at SXSW.  And they are soon to be making their way back to their homeland of Seattle, Washington soon.  But, not just yet!  I recommend you put on your finest dancing shoes and see these cats (all pun intended) live and in person!  You’d be a real schmuck if you were to miss seeing Tacocat live!

Remaining Tour Dates:

03.25.14 – Washington, DC – Velvet Lounge
03.26.14 – Baltimore, MD – The Metro Gallery
03.27.14 – New Brunswick, NJ – House Party
03.28.14 – Philadelphia, PA – Golden Tea House
03.29.14 – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio
03.30.14 – Boston, MA – House Party
03.31.14 – New York, NY – Hunter College
04.01.14 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto Project
04.02.14 – Columbus, OH – Carabar
04.03.14 – Detroit, MI – Elijah’s
04.04.14 – Milwaukee, WI – Center St. Free Space
04.05.14 – Madison, WI – Rathskellar, University of Wisconsin Madison campus
04.06.14 – Chicago, IL – The Township
04.07.14 – Omaha, NE – Middle Haus
04.09.14 – Denver, CO – Rhinoceropolis
04.10.14 – Salt Lake, UT – Diabolical Records
04.11.14 – Boise, ID – The Crux
04.12.14 – Seattle, WA – ‘Mo-Wave


Find out more about this amazing band at their website.  You can also check out a band feature we did here at Trainwreck’d Society back in 2011.

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