Tacocat [Band]

Photo by Sarah Creighton

I’ve always had a soft spot for not so angry chick pop-punk.  I know, “chick punk” Susan B. Anthony would kick me from her grave for using the word “chick”, and nobody seems to like being considered “pop-punk”.  But, I will simply call it as I see it, and how I would like to appreciate it.  I’ve always dug groups like Portland’s Forever, Hotpants Romance from the UK, and Juliette Lewis & The Licks from….wherever the hell she thinks she is from (Hollywood?).  But, there is one definitive group that always tops my list of fun filling female oriented fun.  This would definitely be the Seattle based foursome, Tacocat.  Yes, there is a dude in the group (same for The Licks), and he is very talented.  But this is the lady’s hour, and it would absurd to not recognize this factor.

Although Tacocat has received some major praise over the last few years, it seems as though they do not wish to take themselves entirely too serious.  Which is awesome in my book.  They rock out for fun, and for nothing else.  They have an everlasting internet presence, but every single detail is not of the upmost importance.  They’d rather throw a quick quip on Twitter rather than detail every experience they ever encounter in 250 words or less.  They have toured the country over and over (including a strange shared stage with Phish in Montana.  Weird!)  Their songs are heard from here to Shang-ri-la, but again, no big deal right?  You can’t be “punk” or “hip” by giving a shit, right?  Right!

But, people are listening.  Thousands have turned out to see them rock their homeland of Seattle (not official numbers, but a good estimate).  And if you managed to make your way to their Bandcamp and Myspace (remember that?) pages, you are likely to have fallen in love with their hilariously awesome tracks like “Volcano”, “UTI”, or “Psychic Death Cat”.  Their music is quick, astute, and extremely entertaining.  As you would guess as well, it is a live show that would prove most entertaining.  This is where Emily Nokes spills her beautiful venomous words, Eric kills riff after riff, Lelah Maupin murders a kit(ten), and Bree makes us fall in love with ourselves and our inability to dance (maybe, that’s just me?).

Photo by Jesus Christ

It is imperative to subsidize the bulllshit rectal thermometry we are currently forced to endure in the modern day “punk” world.  Even the slightly embracing back alley acts of today have very little to offer that is either genuine, sincere, or at the very least, worth a damn.  Let it be known, it’s not about how damned weird you can be, it’s about the sound, joy, and emotion that can be relinquished when an escape is needed most in order to keep your sanity.  And a group like Tacocat is sure to make you feel great.  Like an Indian haircut/massage or a fresh kick in the teeth, you are definitely going to feel something special when you walk out of a Tacocat show, or stepping out of your beat up Honda Accord your mom still pays the insurance on, humming the last few lines you just heard.  This is the type of friendly chick punk everyone yearns for, whether they know it or not.

In Seattle?  Watch for Tacocat to perform live at EMP for Nevermind Cover Night on October 20th.  They will be performing “Loung Act”.  Discover more from the band’s Website.

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