Marshall McLean Band: Sinking Ships [Single]

MMBA couple of years ago, I absolutely fell in love with a little band that had become renowned in my then residents of Spokane, Washington known as The Horse Thieves.  For a brief period, these guys were stealing shows and hearts of listeners.  But, like most good things, two things happened:  (1) I found out about them just a bit too late and (2) The Horse Thieves would be no more.  After releasing two full length albums (on the same day!) in 2011, the band decided mutually to go their separate ways.  And as their songs remained a staple in my playlists, I continued to metaphorically pray that this would not be the last I would hear from this fantastic band of wordsmiths and folk hounds.

And to my great bemusement, it shall not be!  Sort of.  Former frontman and master of songwriting with a voice that is simply light and dramatizing in some ways Marshall McLean has thrown together a fantastic group of musicians and took off on his own.  Still thriving in the secretly beautiful city of Spokane, McLean continues to prove that he is a master musician, and brilliant mind in his own right.  The enigmatic Marshall McLean Band shares similar sentiments to the days of The Horse Thieves only because it is yet another branding of Marshall’s soul put on digital wax and handed out to the listener.  And we should all be so damn grateful for this.

In support of their upcoming album, Glossolalia, MMB has released their first single, “Sinking Ships”, which is without a doubt a prime example of the beauty that is certain to ensue as this band progresses on, as well as being some of the finest work McLean has put out to date.  With its taunting sort of jingle jangly guitar work and Marshall’s overtly original style of singing, it will definitely be quite the feet to not lose yourself in bewilderment and excitement for the rest of the album to be released.  In the simplest depictions, The Marshall McLean Band is new age folk music at its absolute finest!

Stream “Sinking Ships” for yourself right HERE, and find out for yourself.

You can also purchase the single from the band’s WEBSITE, or receive a free copy of the single with a purchase of one of their sweet t-shirts!  Check it out!

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