Sweet Felony: Split Ends Mend [Album]

Sweet Felony - Split Ends MendI have found myself dancing around with myself listening to Split Ends Mend for quite a while now, and am sourly disappointed in myself for only getting around to letting you all know about it until now.  But dammit if Sweet Felony isn’t one of the sweetest female fronted groups since the likes of Seattle’s Tacocat or Portland’s own Forever.  And they have created an amazing punk rock/americana/doo wop/what have you album that is just such a delight.

The tracklist for Split Ends Mend is absolutely a collection of songs that will send you on an emotional rollercoaster.  Just after the americana infused “Truckstop” is wrapping up, we are thrown in to a imaginable 80’s mystique with the apologetically correct track “Love On”, and then slings you off in to a doo wop and electric guitar driven sing along state of mind with “Surrender”, and the trends continue on.  The trend being that there really is no trend to the beautiful madness that is Sweet Felony.

Sweet Felony’s front women Christa DiBiase and Amanda Guilbeaux are definitely a stand out sensation which is a great feat considering they reside in the legendary Bay Area, where so many legends have thrived.  And the spirit is obviously continuing on as Christa and Amanda pour their heart and soul in to the beautiful tunes they will soon be known world-wide for.  This is some seriously pretty and mesmerizing stuff here!

Split Ends Mend is currently available HERE. The band will support the release with their new drummer Jefferson Marshall (Assembly Head of the Sunburst Sound). They’re currently writing songs for a full-length album, with a release planned for sometime in late 2013.

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