Alela Diane: About Farewell [Album]

alela-diane_about-farewellA few years ago, my favorite band released an album that has never left my thoughts and iTunes playlist to this very day.  That band was/is Blitzen Trapper.  I love these guys, and I have expressed this time and time again.  But, what I may have never mentioned is that the star track from their album was heavily and heavenly assisted by one woman who has become another dear favorite of mine, and is an obvious influence on, not only myself, but my favorite band.  The song was “The Tree”.  And the illustrious woman was Alela Diane.  Saying that this woman has the voice of an angel would be as insulting as saying the Pope is simply a man of God.  Alela is an Americana treasure that we should all be so lucky to have ever none.  Yes, Lady Diane is a woman who gets the human psyche better than any of us can imagine, and has the beautiful pipes to tell us about ever so sweetly.  And on her latest full length effort About Farewell, she shines brighter than one could ever imagine.

Much like my beloved Eric Earley, this is a woman who can write a song that just touches my heart in all the right places and make me feel whole at heart and completely disheartening all at the same time.  The way she speaks of the desolate smoldering on “The Way We Fall” just kicks me in the memory banks and makes me resent and retort all of the past mistakes I can manage to conjure up from the thoughts best left behind.  This is a woman who sings about life, love, and the pursuit of decency amongst broken hearted thieves.  Yes, Alela Diane is a genius with the written word, and a masterful musician.  Furthermore, she is the obviously the mastermind behind the finest album of 2013.  Hands down, this is the best album to be sent down from the heavens to us this year.

About Farewell is available now in the digital form today, and the physical world on July 25th.  Discover more details right HERE.

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