STRFKR: Miracle Mile [Album]

STRFKR-MiracleMileOh sweet holy fires of hell, the new aged funky bunch is back with a vengeance with their latest disco laced, funk driven, and extremely solid album Miracle Mile.  In some senses, this is simply a continuation of the pleasure they have always provided their fans, but in so many ways it is different.  At the very least, it is an improvement from an already amazing style and sound that drives home the space shuttle of spunk and soul we have all grown accustomed to hearing from STRFKR in their continuous odyssey to get on down.

Miracle Mile‘s track list is solid in its entirety, but of course we are going to find a stand out track somewhere.  And fans and critics alike are finding “While I’m Alive” to be an obvious stand out track amongst a plethora of killer tracks.  But, who can simply look paced a track like “Say To You”, which sounds The Beach Boys, meeting The Beatles, meeting that crazy blue crystal meth from Breaking Bad.

The solidarity of Miracle Mile is what is so damn impressive.  As we have come to expect from the fuckers of stars, this is a crew that draws from the depths of sorrow to rediscover what it is that enlightens us at the exact moment we need to be revived from the depths of hell, to learn to party our way through a disruptive existence, and just let it go.  And by no stretch of anyone’s imagination, this is not only the finest work from STRFKR to date…but, it is definitely one of the finest albums you will adore in 2013.

Pick up your own copy of Miracle Mile at Polyvinyl Record Co. NOW!

And be sure to catch STRFKR live, as they are continuously on the move.  The band will be hitting the road for a cross country road trip starting at the Capital Hill Block Party in Seattle, and continuing across the great lands.  Find out more information HERE.

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