Lian Lunson [Interview]

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Like so many other folks I know, I find that Netflix can be overwhelming at times.  There are just so many options to choose from.  Do I re-watch the episodes of Arrested Development since it came back around?  Or do I watch the “dark independent comedies featuring a strong female lead” that they always seem to recommend, much to the dismay of my manhood?  Nah, I think I will just watch another random documentary.  And alas, I found quite the gem recently with Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man.  If L.C. wasn’t awe-inspiring before watching this film, he sure got to me after!  This is one of those documentaries that is far from just a simple biography told through the lips of random individuals.  This was special!  Half concert, half doc, full on awesome.

I loved this film so much I felt I desperately needed to reach out the creator of this fine gem and ask her a few questions to gain just a little more insight on how she managed to produce what should be considered a classic, and will be in due time.  So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the lovely and talented Lian Lunson.  Enjoy!


What made you want to develop Horse Pictures, and transition from the world of acting to documentarian?

I actually just always loved films..when you are young and a girl, the first thing you think is you want to be in them. Going to Drama School was very good for me..I think it gave me the confidence to pursue what I really wanted to do. I didn’t set out to make Documentary Films..It’s just what happened. I won’t make them forever..but I will always pursue the subjects that I am most passionate about.

What sort of process do you go through whilst watching hundreds of hours of photage and deciding how to condense it down to a normal length film?

I think the process involves letting the film make itself a lot of the time..and following your intuition. When you have a lot of footage and ideas, there is so much do I start the do I finish?

They are the two elements I tend to start with..and the title..those three parts to me are the key…Once I have those and I know in my heart they are the right choices, the rest of the film falls into place.

What would you say is your greaest non artistic inspiration?  What keeps you motivated?

I would have to say the Unknown. I study Metaphysics..and Film Making and the Metaphysical world are very connected…they feed off each other..also the lives of animals. I am very inspired by animals, they teach you something these are the things that keep me busy and happily motivated.

Leonard Cohen & U2 as seen in Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

Leonard Cohen & U2 as seen in Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man

What was the most interesting fun fact you learned about Leonard that others might not have known during the making of I’m Your Man?

That he is more mysterious than anyone could possibly imagine.

Who are some other folks, musicians or not, that you would like to profile and have yet to do so?  

I never talk about those subjects until they cross my path or knock at my door.

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming project entitled The Boom Boom Room?

It is a script that I have is a beautiful story about Faith Love and Family…I have tried really hard to get it I am not trying. The film will get made when the time is right and all the forces are lined up in it’s favor…then it will have the best opportunity to be the most visible.

Lian Lunson - Rufus and Martha 1

Rufus & Martha Wainwright as seen in Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man

Magic, endless possibilities, et l’amour et l’appréciation de cette belle vie!

What wast he last thing that made you smile?

The transformation of my last rescue dog..seeing her face change when she realized she was now loved and no harm would come to her.

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