Guilt Monkey: Revolution [Single]

Guilt MonkeyGuilt Monkey is one of those bands that I usually don’t find myself falling in love with.  Although I do enjoy the occasional “hard rock” act time and again, I am generally a softy looking for lovely little melodies that calm the soul.  But, like anyone else, I get a little upset from time to time.  Especially when I see all the violence, hatred, and re-distribution of insanity that occurs on what seems to be a daily basis.  So like many others out there, I find solace in a little bit of politically driven, fist in the mouth hard rock.  And thankfully, there is a gem of a group hanging around Brussels known as Guilt Monkey that is making Rage Against The Machine seem calm and steady.  They are out for blood.  They want the world to hear them.  And if they continue upon this path of construction in which they have laid for themselves, soon the world is going to be all knowing of the power frontman Brin Addison and company have to compel the minority, and to destroy the majority.

In with all that comes their delightfully in your face single “Revolution”.  The message of “Revolution” is clear, simple, and concise.  “Take back your freedom” is a line that can mean so many things, but shouldn’t be too confusing.  And in the Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring movements, it isn’t news, really.  Dictatorships are becoming as useful as VHS tapes these days for those who care to see the world advance.  Even in some “democracies”, we are finding hoards of folks who have realized that not all is well in this day and age.  So the message is simple: there are millions upon millions of us who are affected by the evil deeds of only a few thousand or so, so fucking do something about it!  If only more people would be willing to take some time out of their lives to change the world, we might not have these issues arise.  Sadly, this beautiful theory is without a doubt, bullshit.  But, if there is no fight, there is no chance (i.e.  “a fighting chance”).  The world has never been changed by those who only saw only a light of defeat at the end of the tunnel, it has been changed by those who didn’t care if they ever saw the end of the tunnel.  The world is changed by those who may never actually see the change, but chose to live their lives in a fighting stance, no matter what the future holds.

And the good old boys from Belgium know this is of upmost fucking importance, and want you to take action.  And what can a rock and roll act really do to help?  Well, they can make bad ass tracks that get you hyped and ready to “take back your freedom”, the same way Bob Dylan had the hippies wondering what the hell was just “blowing in the wind”, or the way that Rage made us question was worth “killing in the name of…”.  And better yet, in this new day and age, they will give it to you…..ABSOLUTELY FUCKING FREE!  That is right.

Guilt Monkey World on a ThreadFollow this link HERE and get “Revolution” absolutely free.  For visual stimulation, check out the OFFICIAL VIDEO.  And then  be sure to check out the rest of their sophomore release, World on a Thread, for even more politically driven tracks that are not only thought driven, but fucking beautifully played.  This is hard rock music for people who think they don’t like hard rock music.  Guilt Monkey is loud with reason, and sullen with heart felt melodies that leave you paralyzed with both exuberance and delight.  This is just plain beautiful music with a great reason to get up and shout.

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