The Cerny Brothers: The Cerny Brothers [Album]

Cerny BrothersI simply pity the fool who really thinks that the spirit of creativity and originality is dead in this country, in regards to music at least.  Sure, much of the indie hippyster rock music coming out these days is similar to the latest craze you were just finding out about, but I will be damned if I don’t consider this a blessing in disguise.  When I hear a band like The Cerny Brothers break out in their beautiful folk melodies and extremely catchy and chorus driven sing alongs, I don’t think of it as hearing a redefined version of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, no matter how close a comparison my negate.  No, I hear passion.  I heard loud love for story telling.  I hear zeal and I hear grace.  That is the beauty of the new age indie folk movement…’s all personal.  And being  a bad with personality is as wonderful as we can expect, and The Cerny Brothers have nothing if they don’t have personality!

The single most impressive thing about The Cerny Brothers self titled debut album is one simple emotion that it draws from one’s breath.  An emotion that you have to admit, you probably don’t feel too often.  Well, an emotion might be a bit of a stretch, but it is definitely a saying.  A saying to yourself of, “Damn, I bet this would be SO AWESOME LIVE!”.  Even in their moments of sorrow, these cats manage to be inspiring and beautifully laden with a sadness you want to see spilled in front of you like the blood from a gladiator.  Just seeing the group effort from a track like “Out of Time” would mean the world to me.  And, yes, anyone who listens to this album will recognize (if you weren’t already driven by) the beauty and catchiness of “Ohio” which, if I am to continue the Edward Sharpe references since they recorded the album in ES&TMZ’s home turf, will definitely go down as The Cerny Brother’s very own “Home”, which is definitely not a bad thing.  It is a truly tremendous track and worthy of any recognition it receives.

This is the kind of band that makes me remember why I even got into the business of writing about great music.  The Cerny Brothers are the reason that I wake up in the morning and decide that I absolutely most profile some beautiful music.  This is the type of music that makes life worth living.  This is  the type of album that leaves you with a reason to go on and gives you hope for a brighter future in a world that is plagued with chaos and misfortune.  The Cerny Brothers know how to make us smile a time when it is so easy to frown.  And what the hell else do you need from a band of emerging merry men/women.  If you need more than that, you are just selfish.  This music is life.  This music is precious.  This is exactly what we need!

Pick up your own copy of The Cerny Brothers debut album on May 28th right HERE.  You’re not going to want to miss this!

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