Golden Bloom: No Day Like Today [Album]

Golden Bloom - No Day Like TodayWhat is it that makes Golden Bloom such a fine commodity to the world of independent music?  While some of might see this as an arbitrary question that only the meek and disembodied souls of this world should ever have to ask, it might just be worth an answer.  Shawn Fogel and his newly formed band of merry men known as Golden Bloom are the perfect result in the people’s yearning to not feel like shit all of the time.  Too much of today’s indie rock is so sad that it is almost entirely impossible to enjoy.  Sure we get down at times, and we need these songs.  But, we also need an album like No Day Like Today from these fine folks to bring us back up and tell us to simply chill out.  It will all be okay, one way or another.  For this, we should be eternally thankful that a band like Golden Bloom exists today.

Now, this is not say that it is all sunshine and Mountain Dew flavored rainbows on No Day Like Today.  There is a slight sense of sorrow within the walls of this amazing album.  The difference being that a positive aura is consistently present during a single listening session.  The struggles of trying and striving are evident and extremely important to the positive factors of this EP.  There is a constant feeling in this album that simply makes you realize that even as we fail, we are constantly learning and becoming far greater people than we were yesterday.  When Fogel sings from his heart telling his that there is “no day like today”, he is simply telling us that today may very well be the day our lives change forever and we would be right to embrace it at the highest level.  Now, this may not be a literal transition to what he truly means, just my own dumbass views, but I can dig it, if you are willing to as well.

This is the third installment of Shawn Fogel’s inceptive mind put to music as Golden Bloom, and it is definitely his finest work.  “Flying Mountain” might very well be his finest piece of work today.  He’s playing with a solid group of folks at this point, and it truly seems as though the creative side of himself has been greatly enhanced by finding a gaggle of like minded souls to make music with as a community of awesomeness.  No Day Like Today is an album that leaves you wanting more, and praying to the heavens that we will hear even more from Shawn and his merry men that are Golden Bloom.

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