Ronnie Fauss: I Am The Man You Know I’m Not [Album]

A good storyteller is a gift from God or earth or sea, wherever the hell you believe great talent comes from these days.  But, what seems to make the finest story to be told?  Is it a psychological analysis of the intrapersonal relationships human beings manifest for or in spite of one another?  Why, actually, no.  No, it takes realism.  It’s tales of love, loss, hate, loathing, joy, happiness, togetherness, etc, etc.  You know, all of those things that make us real people!  The average human emotions brought on my our own psyche or personal triumph or torment.  Basically, the tales of all of us!  Just be real!  And few people understand this art of story crafting that Dallas based singer/songwriter Ronnie Fauss.

Fauss has demonstrated his folk and old school country influence on three previous E.P.’s before his most recent debut album I Am The Man You Know I’m Not.  This gritty debut laced with fairy tales for the wicked, and love ballads for the empty hearted lover in all of us is a spectacular display of the old day’s influence on modern musicians, and how an old soul like Fauss can bring out the best of all words.  This is an album that is so full of life that is hard to try to find a stand out track.  With a the voice of Bradley Wik, and the soul of Corey Chisel, Fauss is a man that deters regularities.  Although, a stand out track of sorts would definitely have to be “This Year”, a beautiful ditty about the yearning and hope for better days, and that moment before it all comes tumbling down on your poor sad heart.

As Fauss plucks away at that good old fashion and recognizable country twang, he sings songs about the places where dreamers go to die, and the pretty ladies vanish from their ordinary days to relinquish their daily misery.  The entire world is a dusty bar with peanut shells and bottle caps on the floor when you are listening to a Ronnie Fauss record.  And I can’t think of a better place to die, live, breath.

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