Thom Carter: All That You Love Is All That You Are [Album]

How is it possible, really?  When you think you’ve heard the best of an artist (especially when they have dozens of pieces of work to their credit), they simply continue to impress you and make you reflect everything you have ever known, seen, heard, in your own short plane of existence.  Thom Carter is no stranger to Trainwreck’d Society, and is definitely not a stranger to my own musical criticisms.  I have been listening to this man for many years, and his ever evolving and beautiful ways and means simply never ceases to amaze me.  And as a self proclaimed Thom Carter enthusiast, I am here to say this…..Thom Carter’s release All That You Love Is All That You Are is his finest work to date, and definitely one of the finest albums of 2012.

His voice just brushes over you like a desired lace quill.  His piano work is a blessing that impacts you with each and every push.  His signature folky guitar work spills out like a fine wine begging to make you drunk.  With each and every track on All that You Love Is All That You Are, the enticement ensues and fills a void you probably didn’t even know you needed filled.  Feeling misery whilst listening to a Thom Carter album should be entirely impossible.

Each track on this album is pretty long, but definitely not drawn out.  Carter packs an impressive amount of punch into an 8 minute or so segment and still manages to leave you yearning for more.  All That You Love Is All That You are is definitely a perfect demonstration of the work of a man who has never failed to impress you with each and every release he puts out.  Yes, Britain’s own indie king has done it again, and has created his finest record to date.  To date, because he seems to only be getting better and better with each passing year.  The future is definitely bright for Mr. Carter.

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