Catherine Capozzi [Artist]

Photo by Kelly Davidson

Wow.  Just, wow.  I’ve spent the better part of my life critiquing (in one form or another) what I considered to be quality guitar playing.  Whether it’s sweet and solid folk chords, to full-blown metal riffs.  Or maybe a combination of the two, if at all possible.  Rarely it is, but dammit sometimes it happens.  And what do most of the legends of our time, and times before have in common?  They’re usually men.  Yet, here comes along a lady who can strum the electric musical sword better than damn near anyone I’ve ever heard.  I’ve never felt more like a sexist prick than I did before listening to Catherin Capozzi rip my rock and roll loving heart apart in her amazing instrumental group Axemunkee, and lead for the brilliant trio Darling Pet Munkee.

I absolutely hate to bring up the bullshit plaguing that is sure to follow Capozzi for the rest her days, but the elephant will always be in the room.  But, rest assure, all preconceptions and judgments are null and void.  When these crafty electric riffs, fused with a beautiful surf style slap you in the face with bloody finger tips, you just plain won’t know what to think.  I mean, who has the balls (pun, intended) perform an acid/fuzz/surf take on the likes of Django Reinhardt?  This badass will!  And then she’ll spit venom laced whiskey in your face for denying her!

Photo by Bill T. Miller

While her previously mentioned projects (Axemunkee and Darling Pet Munkee) are substational and brilliant works that deserve their own praise, it is definitely of the utmost importance to realize that Catherine Capozzi is a guitarist who shines in everything she does.  Everything she touches turns to awesome.  She’s the type of artist that speaks through her music, and becomes instantly recognizable by sound wherever she may roam.  To hell with gender recognition, I just want to rock.  And a talent as true and revitalizing as this one can truly make you feel as though you will indeed feel the joys and blunder of rock and roll deep within your heart and loins.  My how we’ve been lacking such traits these days.  Thank you Catherine.  Thank you.

To hear the manic amusement that is Catherine Capozzi, check out two of her amazing bands Axemunkee and Darling Pet Munkee.  Seriously, do yourself a damn favor and check them out.  And Psst….little secret, for a limited time, you can download DPM’s 7 track album Glows In The Dark for FREE!!  Of course, this is for a very limited time, so hurry the hell up and cop it before your latte and/or PBR money will have to cover the spread.

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5 Responses to Catherine Capozzi [Artist]

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  3. Kristen Scioli says:

    Well said. Cathy shreds!

  4. Bill Money says:

    Catherine Capozzi is nothing less than the greatest female rock guitarist ever.

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