Robin Grey & Anja McCloskey: The Park [Cover]

Oh Robin.  Oh Anja.  Oh, my, you both equally amazing.  For those of you who have followed my existence as a music blogger (is there anyone actually out there who has done this?), you know both of these beautiful people as staples in my life, not only my work.  I first covered Robin Grey almost 3 years ago when I first heard his amazing EP, I Love Leonard Cohen.

I was just getting into the music blogging game, and was dabbling in the idea of covering artists who are willing to give away their art for free on the ever so fashionable interwebs.  This is where I discovered this amazing artist.  This would lead to the friendship we have today.  Robin Grey topped my list as the creator of the best album of 2010, with Strangers With Shoes.  I spent a whole summer in Qatar listening to his entire discography as I performed menial construction duties.  You really can’t appreciate the power of music until it is the only comfort you receive as your grout several shower stalls a day.  And someone like Robin Grey is exactly who you need serenading you in your darkest hours.

And Anja.  Sweet, sweet Anja.  Children of Mercy fans know her as a contributor, supporter, and curator for all European sales of the book.  But, beyond that, she is an amazing talent.  She plays the accordion like a mad woman stuck in a storm of genius and precession.  Her voice is phenomenal in ways we just don’t see enough these days.  Her solo work, as well as the multitude of bands she comprises herself with, is some of the greatest work being recorded and shared with the world today.  I seriously can not say enough good things about her.  I’ve written of Anja before, but I would be a fool to think that I could truly describe her brilliance in anything less than a full-fledged manuscript.

So, where does this lead us?  Well, it’s just plain magic really.  Anja and Robin both decided they shared similar interests, and should meet up.  They realized each other’s brilliance by both being a part of the Children of Mercy project.  Selfishly, I am very proud of this.  Selflessly, I take no credit for the brilliance they created when they decided to meet up in Robin’s respected region of England to record a cover of Feist’s “The Park”.  I imagine they simply wanted to meet each other.  And in which case, I am extremely happy they did.  And the fact that they dedicated this cover to me, is by far greatest compliment and gift I have ever received.  Especially since I am completely unworthy of such an honor.  I was completely surprised when I heard this track for the first time.  To know that I could have played a part in creating such an amazing collaboration was so entirely humbling I thought I could die the following day, and be entirely satisfied with my life.

I have listened to this track many times.  And it never gets old.  My love for this beautiful cover track has nothing to do with self indulgence.  These amazing artists have created something amazing and sensual when they took a Feist song, and made it so much more beautiful that it was probably ever intended to be.  Robin Grey and Anja McCloskey are two of today’s finest artists.  This is a simple fact.  Everybody on this earth should feel fortunate that they came together, even once.  And we can only hope they find each other once again.  I for one am willing to hold my breath until they decide to put out an album together.

To hear Robin & Anja’s beautiful cover of Feist’s “The Park”, take yourself on a journey of brilliance….right HERE.  (P.S.  You can download it for free!!)

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