Rocky Votolato [Artist]

Call me smitten, call me ashamed.  Prior engagements are deferring my eligibility to see the great Rocky Votolato (and accompanied by the equally amazing Matt Pond PA) as he passes along the dusty road here in Spokane.  I’ve been a fan of Rocky sense right around his solo inception.  His sultry vocals and splendid songwriting abilities are almost incomparable to most artists riding the indie folk storm these days.  His power and energy has a life all of its own as he strums his way through the battlefield of life.

It’s been a while since I first heard Votolato’s sensational single “Red River” (in which he name drops my fair city of Spokane, and still, I won’t be attending!), but the track has never left the eternal playlist in my mind.  And as he proves again on another city name-dropping track “Portland Is Leaving” that his words are derived from experience and emotion, rather than splendor and malevolence for the unknown or simply unfamiliar.  In this amazing track, he pronounces, ‘Love’s a train wreck”.  Hmm….sound familiar.  Purely coincide, maybe, but Rocky’s inspiration has been known to touch people over the years.  Which could likely lead to inevitably lifting of lyrics for a music showcase.  Maybe.

In a career spanning well over a decade, there has been nothing short of progress in the ways of Rocky Votolato.  He established himself as an indie sensation long before he signed to the esteemed BarSuk Records.  The revolution of sound since I first heard this cat back in 2003 on Suicide Medicine, to True Devotion in 2010 has been phenomenal and easily recognizable.  And as he hits the road this fall, right now actually!, alongside the likes of fellow indie sensation Matt Pond PA, it appears as though the love and devotion Rocky has put into his music is coming back two fold by the love and adoration from his fans.  A well deserved honor if you ask this train wreck’d society.

If you have missed the tour thus far, as I will inevitably do (sorry to mention it again, I’m just really disturbed by this), catch a greyhound or a west/east bound trolley car, and catch the man on the ending dates:

10/15 Sat – Seattle, WA – Neumo’s
10/16 Sun – Spokane, WA – Aclub
10/17 Mon – Pullman, WA – BellTower
10/19 Wed – Boise, ID – Neurolux
10/20 Thurs – Provo, UT – Velour
10/21 Fri – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
10/22 Sat – Kansas City, MO – The Record Bar

And pick up some albums, and find out more information about what Rocky has been up to at his WEBSITE.

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