The Dustbowl Revival [Band]

Americana is awesome.  There is no other way to put it.  The slapping of some spoons, the plucking of a banjo, and the illustrious storytelling is comparable to just about nothing else in this world.  It is just a slight taste of times of old, when things were (somewhat) simpler.  But, for those of us born far too late in life, we have to deal with a whole lot of cheap imitations.  Of course, the term Americana itself is nothing more than the imitation of OG bluegrass, jazz, folk, blues, and country all wrapped up in a neat little down home package.  Authenticity is hard to come by when you collaborate such classic sounds.  But, when it is done right, it feels oh so right.  And it is with this being said, I bring you….The Dustbowl Revival.

A few years ago I came across a little group form Texas known as The Lost Pines.  I was instantly smitten with the rebirth of the greatest forms of music, and thought they had to be the finest around.  Well, I was absolutely wrong.  As wonderful as they may be, The Dustbowl Revival trumps even the greatest at least seven fold.  And they’re from…..California??  Just more reason to find this amazing collective so damn entertaining!

The band’s debut album, You Can’t Go Back To The Garden of Eden, is a true testimony to what can happen when direct inspiration takes hold, and there is no turning back.  The music is so genuine, you can almost taste the PBR and port wine being passed around the front porch during the Great Depression on the bayou, or on the post-fire Chicago streets.  Trumpets blaze, guitars wale, and the spirit of a great revival (pun intended!) becomes you.  Frontman Zach Lupetin and fellow vocalist Caitlin Doyle create a perfect soul and swing male/female perfectly blended vibe over an amazing down home feel that will keep your feet tapping, your heart pumping, and your soul quite searching for anything greater than what your ears are hearing at the given moment.  This is real music!  And that is such a hard thing to find these days.

Check out The Dustbowl Revival, their debut album, and all their classic greatness at the band’s website.