Saturday Double Special: Wives of the Skies + Gold Dust [Films]


“Wives of The Skies is a romantic dramedy, set in 1965, starring two stewardesses, Fran and Marcy from Fine Air, a well-appointed airline. One evening after work, at their stewardess’ hotel, they befriend Derrick, a British photojournalist who wants to interview them as “subjects” for his “documentary film”. As Fran and Marcy are interviewed, they are revealed as very different than Derrick hoped for or could possibly have expected…  As they get to know each other, Wives Of The Skies makes a contemporary socio-cultural statement regarding the meme of “the good girl, drawn bad”.  Wives of The Skies clarifies the impact of the overarching “men’s gaze” which objectifies women as carnal sex objects men seek, while they look for love…  along the way, addressing the primitive issue of Trust vs. Mistrust” – October Coast PR



Hello Folks! And welcome to another Saturday in the ‘Tine! As to probably be expected, I have watched ALOT of films in the recent weeks, and I want to get to sharing all of them, so I present to you another Saturday Double Special.

First we have the absolutely delightful sociological exploration short film Wives of the Skies. The film explores the world of airline stewardess in the 1960’s, and the bizarre male attraction that was, and still is, a weird perverted obsession. The idea that an entire occupation was essentially made to evoke the gaze of men is something so out of date that most of you out there, the good people I would like to assume, could not even fathom being a real thing. We watch shows like Mad Men and see it as all a fantasy. Sadly, it wasn’t. And that is were Wives of the Skies comes in to make it a whimsical and over-dramatized vision of a very different time.



What intrigued me most about Wives of the Skies is the subtle yet in your face sense of sarcasm that exists throughout the story. Why & how would two women manage to co-exist in a non-sexual nature, have a demanding occupation, work very hard, and still maintain an image that pleases the male gaze? Why they must be some kind of psychopaths/robots. Just how could this be? Filmmaker Honey Lauren does an amazing job at encapsulating the dumb male ego that most of us are guilty of overstating, and the power that women can have over the meek and babe-in-the-woods like men who simply can’t fathom the idea of equality. Wives of the Skies is a poignant, shocking, and intriguing film. Check it out ASAP!


Wives of the Skies is available now on DVD and VOD.






“Classical music. Thundering opera. Rattlesnakes and precious gems. Mansions and gold mines. Friendship and despair. Treasure beyond imagination that vanishes in the desert wind. In the desert there is no limit to the adventures at hand!” – October Coast PR




First of all, Folks, I have to admit that I had my doubts about this one. I made some quick judgments and decided that this film was not for me. But, given that time is abundant these days, I decided to give Gold Dust a shot. And I have to say Folks…..I was SO WRONG! And if you are having doubts on premise alone, I can emphasize enough that you are only hurting yourself with your initial impulses. I was immediately blown away by the chaos, confusion, and downright hilarity that ensues in just the first 20 minutes. It’s really kind of hard to explain what is happening within the film, as nothing really fits together, yet it blends ever so greatly. Prospectors, an operatic obsessed assassins, drug cartel kingpins, kids flying planes, kids crashing planes…..Santa Claus? Seriously Folks, there is so much going on in this whimsical and exciting film that I sincerely can not recommend enough.



I always enjoy a good buddy film, which is another big aspect of Gold Dust. In fact, somebody on Twitter recently posed the question, “What is your favorite male friend duo from recent pop culture?” And wouldn’t be some great timing to say that David Wall and David Wysocki may very well be my favorite in their portrays of Fink and Moses respectfully.  Their back and forth conversations and “Would You Rather” talks are the stuff that buddy movie dreams are made of, that’s for damn sure.

Seriously Folks, watch the trailer, and know that Gold Dust is a delightful adventure that you will not want to miss out on.


Gold Dust will be available on DVD and VOD on April 7th.



Sunday Matinee: Facing East [Film]


“Tommy Baker’s chilling and captivating Facing East, an expose on a graveyard that would re-use graves over and over. With over 100,000 documented disturbed burials the owners and operators of Eastern Cemetery systematically re-used graves over and over, taking advantage of low-income families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. 25 years after the cemetery was left abandoned, the Friends of Eastern Cemetery was formed to provide care and upkeep that the burial grounds so desperately needed.” – October Coast PR



Hello Folks. I hope this finds you well. While I know we are all concerned about the impending doom that is all around us, today we are talking about a somewhat related issue that should not be forgotten. Facing East is an incredible story that really needed to be out there in the world. It’s the story of greed, corruption, mishandling, and downright evil if I’m being completely honest. I’ve always had an affinity towards cemeteries. I’ve spent numerous hours walking the grounds of resting places across southern Mississippi, the hills of Southwest Washington, to some grounds going as far back as 800 years here in the East Anglian region of England. So when I saw a film passing through my inbox that was in regards to a Louisville based church, I wondered just what it might be about. And lo and behold it was probably about 20 minutes into the film that I vocally exclaimed, to no one in particular, “Who the HELL have I never HEARD of this!” But now that I do know, I feel an obligation to tell all of you dear readers about the wrong doings at the Eastern Cemetery, and about this powerful documentary that attempts to showcase the horror, and downright disrespect, that was given to the resting places of those who were loved and cherished on earth and were completely disregarded once they had passed. All for the love the mighty dollar. All because of lies and misleadings. It’s truly horrifying.



Thankfully though, there are some wonderful people out there who are trying their best to bring the respect back to the Eastern Cemetery. And I am not only talking about the lovely people at Friends of Eastern Cemetery. Clearly they are heroes. But, I am also referring to the Facing East filmmaker Tommy Baker. Every city and town you visit, you will find great people doing wonderful things for their communities. Which is a wonderful thing, obviously. The problem is that the powers that be who rank themselves above the common citizen will do all they can to silence them. And that is where Mr. Baker comes along. He is here to bring a voice to these honorable citizens. Bringing a voice to the voiceless is a noble cause that should also be celebrated. I’m no expert on the matter, but I feel safe in saying that you don’t make a film like Facing East in the hopes of making money off of misery, or even for entertainment purposes. This is for awareness. This is information driven content about a very serious problem that a band of wonderful community leaders are attempting rectify. Facing East is a film that everyone simply HAS to see!

For more information about , and how you can help out with, Friends of Eastern Cemetery, be sure to check out their WEBSITE for more details.

Facing East is available now on DVD & VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.




Saturday Special: A Wakefield Project [Film]


“Eric and Reese invest in a property in the little town of Wakefield. Chloe a medium, who used to live in Wakefield returns to her roots to enlighten the new entrepreneurs on the history of the town. The property was originally owned by Nathan Cross (Rob Archer, Lost Girl), who’s post mortem crimes stain the entire town. On a day when unprecedented solar flares target North America, Wakefield becomes the centre of a temporary shift in atmospheric energies. The living are seeing the dead walk among them. As they find themselves in the heart of this nightmare until dawn, they need to face history in the flesh, and survive.” – October Coast PR



Hello Folks! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. Although, does the day of the week truly matter these days? So, if this is a reminder, it is Saturday. And why not have escape from the horrors around us….with a wonderful horror film! Remember when a supernatural thriller was what we might have been most afraid of? Lol, what a time. Anyway, I am very excited to share with you all some info about an absolutely wonderful & layered supernatural fright fest of a film, A Wakefield Project. For a film covering a pretty common subject, the film is highly original. On first viewing, I got a somewhat more serious Shaun of the Dead vibe to it…sort of. I mean this because our heroes spend the first act of the film seemingly oblivious to the chaos that surrounds them, being the new kids in town that is. Much like SoD used this in a strictly comedic fashion, A Wakefield Project sees this concept as a fun move in a thriller as well. And Folks, it works! What we have is a well-rounded horror thriller that everyone should enjoy.



The team that makes up the film’s lovable duo of Eric & Reese, Anthony Bewlz & Dennis Andres, respectively, are probably the highlight of the film for me. One is a bro with a heart of gold, another is a bro with a heart of gold…and a constant hard on. The comedic elements of this team bring a bit of light to a very dark story, written by the third member of the actually, the wonderful Lindsey Seim, is incredible in her role as well! And of course the legendary Rob Archer’s big ass is there to really scare the hell out of us. What could make this monstrous man any more terrifying? I don’t know. How about if he was a god damned GHOST! In all seriousness though Folks, this is a wonderful film for horror fans and film buffs alike. With an independent eye but blockbuster worthy effects, A Wakefield Project is a must see!


A Wakefield Project is available now on DVD & VOD from High Octane Pictures.



Sunday Matinee: Case 347 [Film]


“Psychologist and UFO skeptic Dr. Mia Jansen joins forces with two documentary filmmakers who set out to prove alien abduction claims are a form of “mass hysteria”, but during their research, unexplainable events begin and the entire crew goes missing.” – TriCoast Entertainment




Hello Folks! I hope this Sunday finds you well. It’s imperative now more than ever that we find ways to entertain ourselves, and what better way than with a nice bout of fear and suspense that doesn’t involve some infectious disease? Well, you will get this and more with today’s matinee feature, Case 347. For fans of found footage horror, I promise that you are going to absolutely adore this film. I personally have never been drawn to the genre itself particularly, but after checking out this incredibly made film, I might just have to do some more digging. Filmmaker Chris Wax has created something very special with this one and I implore you all to check it out as soon as possible.



As far as suspense films go, Case 347 is on a whole new level. With all of the elements of horror (save for “gore porn”, but frankly, who needs it?) that can be crammed into a brief time, it is all brilliantly and deliberately timed. Of course there is the occasional jump scare tossed in there to keep you on your toes, but it’s not a film that saturates itself in this idea. And it behooves me to mention that the film’s lead, Maya Stojan, is absolutely incredible at pulling you into the story, and sincerely making you believe that this is not a production, but is actual found footage. Basically, her acting is so damn natural that you can hardly tell she is acting. Which is sort of the point, right? Even if so, Stojan is an exceptional actor.


Check it out Folks! It is currently available on various digital streaming platforms (FLIXFLING, Vimeo on Demand, Vudu, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play).



Saturday Double Special: Faulty Roots + Soundtrack To Sixteen [Films]

The film follows two teens with different genetic conditions who are forced to form a friendship. Ella wrote, directed and produced the film aged only 18. She wanted to make a film on depression in teens and to raise awareness for mental health problems.
Wow. In just a short 10 minutes, the emotional response that I felt whilst watching this incredible gem of a film is almost indescribable. Our dear friend Ella Greenwood has truly knocked it out of the park on her directorial debut that perfectly showcases the idea that not all wounds are physical. Emotional pain can hold just as much clout in thy mind’s eye as the physical can. The film tackles very serious subject matter regarding terminal illness, as well as the treacherous reality fo mental illness and how we will sometimes as humans disregard the latter as a real issue. I will keep this brief, as it is indeed a short film, adding the chance of spoilers to ruin it all for you, but I simply have to say that everyone should see this film. In fact, as I’ve said about a few other projects we have covered in the past, this should be required viewing for schools. Beyond the fact that the film was made my an 18 year old, it’s just a film that could impact the lives of young people across the globe, and is absolutely fantastic. However you manage to see it, Folks. Do it. You will not be upset.
So, alot of you are stuck in the house. We get it. It sucks. Like a lot. That’s we TWS is trying to throw as much great content at you as we can. We love and appreciate you all, and want to help you all through this as best as we can. So we are doubling our efforts this Saturday, and making it a double feature. Maybe we will do it again? We shall give it a shot! Enjoy!
“Maisy is obsessed with a guy who will never get with her. She is self-conscious and constantly overanalysing. But she’s sixteen and can’t helpvit. Ben – another awkward teen from a nearby school is happy being a nerd and thinking he’s better than everyone else until his grades start plummeting and he can’t work out why. When they meet on the night bus, Maisy still in pyjamas from a humiliating sleepover, Ben killing time riding around the route after getting sent home for shouting in assembly. Maisy finally has someone she can open up to. After trying to switch friendship groups she has ended up with no friends at all and she’s mortified that she still hasn’t had her first kiss. The two fall into a
tumultuous friendship but as exams loom and they must fight their anxieties, they find support in each other while they try and work out if there’s more to the relationship than friendship.” –
For those of you who know me personally (or maybe just digitally), you may know that I am a man in his mid-30’s and you may think that I have no business discussing the going ons of a teenage angst film. But, listen, a great film is a great film. The life of a teenager is something that we have all experienced, and something that we all can relate to in one form or another. It’s a part of life, and when you look back on it all of these years after it occurred (for some of us), there is a deeper sense of understanding about the era you endured that goes beyond just simple nostalgia.
I guess that last paragraph is just a pre-cursor to why I am so excited to tell you all about Soundtrack to Sixteen. I really, really, really, loved this film! Besides being brilliantly edited and amazing to look at, it is truly one of the sweetest and most heart-warming films I have seen in quite some time. The idea of showcasing awkward teenage angst on screen is not new by any means, but when it is done as well as this film, it’s absolute gold. From the incredible performances, to a brilliantly written story, Soundtrack to Sixteen is one of the most pleasurable films of this subject matter to have been released in quite some time.
Scarlett Marshall and James Calloway really manage to manipulate the viewer in so many ways. As somebody who is, as previously mentioned, far removed (20 years?) from the era as I am, I know that I spent so much time yelling out loud things like, “It gets better!” or “Just kiss her!”, like a damn fool. It’s the whole “if I knew then, what I know now” idea, I guess. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? You DIDN’T know it then. The adults around you could tell you until they were blue in the face, but you’re not geared in a way that what they say truly matters.
This generation is growing up dramatically different than some of ours, yet are still facing the same issues we can all relate to somehow. And the filmmakers known as The Shakespeare Sisters have done an amazing job in encapsulating that for us with their incredible film Soundtrack to Sixteen that I can not recommend enough to Everyone who reads this. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cringe oh so hard at times. Check it out!

Sunday Matinee: The Taste of Betel Nut [Film]


“A polyamorous male couple test the limits of a restrictive society when they become romantically entangled with a beautiful young woman in an award-winning new film from director Hu Jia.” – October Coast PR



Wow. Simply, Wow. The Taste of Betel Nut is less of a film, and more of an experience. I just really needed to get that out there right off the bat. It is a story about the effects of desire and the sexual awakening in the youth. It studies the effects of what it means to seem self-aware on the surface, yet isolated from society in a very real way. And sadly, it showcases the darker side of this sort of awakening with a truly cinematically thrilling ending. I truly enjoyed every moment of this film, even the darker ones as they were also representative of the truth of a situation like the one that is being presented by our three protagonists. In essence, the film is about three young people who are trying their best to find themselves in a world that seems to care less about their emotional stability amongst a frenzied society. It’s about love, it’s about sex, It’s about life.



2020, as strange of a year as it has already been, has managed to showcase some extremely interesting films thus far, especially our old friends at Uncork’d Entertainment, who you all should have become completely aware of by now, as we have featured their films on several occasions here at TWS. And something feels different about, not only with Uncork’d, but the difference in films that receiving attention these days. That’s not to say that there isn’t some fun to be had out there still. I’m pretty certain I have a screener on my list that is about a bee-filled hurricane or something. But, it is nice to spend some of these Sundays showcasing a film like The Taste of Betel Nut. It is a film with a real message, and happens to be brilliantly made as well. Filmmaker Hu Jia knocks it out the proverbial park with his directorial debut, and should truly been seen as a voice for the future. I hope to to able to see more from Jia in the future, and will definitely be on the lookout.


The Taste of Betel Nut is available now on DVD and VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.


Saturday Special: Una Great Movie [Film]

“As a screenwriter takes notes from Hollywood executives, her beautiful diverse movie about a black American woman traveling to Mexico, slowly becomes a romantic comedy with an all-white cast.

Juxtaposed with a heartwarming movie that portrays Mexicans and Black people as humans rather than stereotypes, UNA uses comedy to reflect on relevant contemporary issues. It is fun and humorous with a unique storytelling style that incorporates a professional cast mixed with local Mexican non-actors. The movie introduces refreshing new perspectives against common stereotypes, portraying a universal humanity rather than categories of difference.” – October Coast PR



Oh, what a hell of a film we have for you all today! Una Great Movie is special on many different levels for so many different reasons. First of all, it’s somewhat whimsical in its own way, yet has a very real story to tell. It gives a sort of insider knowledge into how terrible to world of filmmaking can sometimes be. The “suits” who don’t give a damn about the actual artist or the art, only what can sell, work as the prime antagonist throughout the film in a very blatant way. I’d I love every second of it. Filmmaker Jennifer Sharp knew how to make a sincerely funny film with a very real message. As the film’s tag line states, the film expresses a very real “absurd reality of chasing a dream.” I sincerely can not think of a better way to express what this film represents.



Performer JoNell Kennedy shines throughout the film, which he has been doing for quite a few decades now, but it was really great to see her front and center doing her best. Numa Perrier also shines brilliantly, it behooves me to say. In fact, the scenes in which they are together are most definitely the highlights for me. Basically, everyone was wonderful, even those I was surprised to learn were not actually actors, but just locals having a good time.

One of the biggest take aways from Una Great Movie is the fact that I can pretty much guarantee that this film will make an appearance on our end of year list, as it is definitely one of the best films of the year thus far. Seriously Folks, check this one out ASAP!


Check out the film’s WEBSITE for some wonderful behind the scenes treats, and how you can check out the film for yourself.



Sunday Matinee: Flint: The Poisoning of an American City [Film]


“Flint: The Poisoning of an American City traces the timeline of the city’ s interaction with the Flint River – from the continued abuse and neglect of both city infrastructure and environmental regulations, to subsequent population decline, through to Michigan’s 2013 appointing of outside emergency managers. This poisonous mix of factors created a crisis which has gone on for five years, resulting in record high levels of lead in the drinking water of the city.” – October Coast PR



As many regular readers here know, we are huge fans of the world of horror around here. There is something incredible cathartic in getting the shit scared out of you by visual elements that you know can’t actually hurt you, but it’s hard not to relate to the threat of physical violence. Now, that’s all just fiction, Folks. It’s stuff that we should be able to decide if it is frightening or horrific or not. But the film we are showcasing today is about a subject that is NOT up for debate. This is fucking horrible. Plain and simple. It’s tragic, frightening, and completely unacceptable really. Flint: The Poisoning of an American City is a highly informative and down right aggravating film. And the awareness that this film enlightens it’s viewers to is the type that needs to be brought into our public schools, ASAP. I would have thought that I understood what was happening in Flint, and that eventually the powers that be will take care of the situation. I was wrong. So damn wrong. First of all I had no idea just how drastic the circumstances have been for residents of Flint. Most of all, I didn’t realize that NOBODY is doing ANYTHING about it. Our government does not care about what they did, and they are refusing to take any blame. The state of Michigan is essentially causing domestic terrorism against its residents, and it needs to stop.



The best thing I can say about this film is that, it’s actually pretty simple. Filmmaker David Barnhardt does an amazing job of taking the very complex situation that is happening in Flint, and making it as clear as the water in Flint isn’t. With a great mix of knowledgable experts on the matter and the people who are being directly affected by the problem, go ahead and forget what you thought you knew. This film is 100% going to knock you on your ass, and possibly leave you in tears of frustration. The mass hysteria and preventative maintenance that is currently occurring due to the coronavirus should serve as a prime example. Everybody is losing their shit over this pandemic. Meanwhile, we are about to be pushing a decade long wait for close to 100,000 people to be able to use the water in their city without making themselves sick. Oh and by the way, they STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! That’s right, the corrupt and shameful politicians have managed to make this happen. Seriously Folks, and I would never normally say this, but you really should be obligated to see this film. And to tell your friends. We may not all individually be able to stop what is happening, but if enough noise is made, maybe something can happen. And a project like this is a wonderful step forward, and should be watched with full sincerity.


Flint: The Poisoning of an American City is available now on Digital platforms from Upstream Flix.


Saturday Special: Addicted To You [Film]


“Luke, a Buzzstory producer, is convinced at an early age to never fall in love. He takes this advice into adulthood, until he sleeps with his new co-worker, Aimee, who falls madly in love with him. With his job at stake, Luke devises a master plan to pose as a recovering sex addict to ditch Aimee. Just as Luke thought he could get away with it, his boss reveals that he is also a sex addict. Luke is quickly pressured into joining a real sex addiction group where he meets Kara, who could possibly become the love of his life.” – October Coast PR



Sometimes we just need to relax and watch a real feel good romcom in these dark and somewhat trying times. We will get into some real harsh shit tomorrow, but for today….let’s talk about sex addiction. And let’s have some fun with it. Addicted to You is an absolutely delightful with very little danger involved. We get to watch a character with what would seem to be the best problem in the world, mentally break down through a series of lies and manipulation going out and coming back to him from all angles. And with a wonderful mixed bag of supporting performances, there really isn’t anything to dislike about this intriguing story of love.



Shane Hartline and Melissa Paulo are obviously the shining stars of Addicted to You, and it is suffice to say that they performed wonderfully. But, I sincerely believe that this film would not have been as pleasurable if it were not for the likes of the film’s co-stars who are absolutely fascinating. The tag team stoner duo of Choni Francis and Garrett Mendez are just so damn much fun and bring the wonderful zany element to the film. And sweet shit of Christ is Cat Alter simply brilliant, and absolute star in the making. While writer and director Mike Cochnar clearly has a knack for great storytelling, Addicted to You is one of those films that can be clearly defined by the casting choices that were made. We’ve said it time and time again here at TWS, but good writing is worthless without the proper performances. And the performances we see in this film are beyond proper. They are exquisite!


Addicted to You is available now on VOD and DVD from Leomark Studios. Pick up a copy at the Leomark Official Webpage to receive 20% of using the promo code: IAMADDICTED.



Sunday Matinee: Carol of the Bells [Film]


“A young man with a troubled past seeks out his biological mother. His world is turned upside down upon discovering that she is developmentally disabled. Unable to work through this new discovery on his own, the man’s wife takes matters into her own hands forcing her husband to face the truth and heal the past. A crew of 70% individuals with developmental disabilities recently produced Carol of the Bells through Travolta’s Inclusion Films.” – October Coast PR



Folks, get ready to break out the feels on this one. If you have some resemblance of a soul, or even just a bit of consciousness, hell even a pulse, Carol of the Bells is a heart-warming film that is bound to take your breath away. Even if the events depicted in this truly original film don’t hit you personally, you are going to feel something special after just one viewing of this incredible film. By the above description alone of the film, you should probably know what you are getting into. But, let me tell you Folks, it’s more. SO much more. Carol of the Bells is honestly one of the most touching films I have ever seen. Misguided anger, mixed with regret, and the misunderstanding of things we can not begin to comprehend are themes that emancipate the story into the lovely package that the film is as whole.



Filmmaker Joey Travolta has managed to make writer J.C. Peterson’s amazing story into an absolute visual masterpiece in so many ways. And the idea that 70% of the crew involved in making this wonderful film happen is a true testament to the idea that we shouldn’t pass judgement too quickly (maybe, at all?) to the idea that folks who may have been dealt some challenges in their lives aren’t able to do amazing work in the world of the creative arts. I would love to think that this is not a real problem in this world that on the surface seems to be so open to difference, but sadly that would be a pipe dream if I ever heard of one. But Travolta, Peterson, and his wonderful crew have created something magical with Carol of the Bells, and it definitely deserves to be celebrated.

As one would expect, RJ Mitte was wonderful with his dramatic depiction of the tortured soul of the film. Some of use grew up watching him on the small screen, and would honestly expect nothing less. This is not to take away from his work here, but when you have established yourself as a dynamic force to be reckoned with, one would be surprised to see a bad performance. The dynamic force that struck me the hardest within Carol of the Bells, was actually a sort of tag team effort, if I could call it that. And that would be between Andrea F. Friedman in her titular role as Carol, and Yuly Mireles as the very pregnant, and very forward thinking Karen Johnson. Not throwing too many spoilers out there, but if you are at all interested in seeing this flick, these two interacting is hands down my most favorite part of the film.

So Folks, this is a very special film that is a brilliant story brought to screen by an incredible filmmaker, and is star-studded beyond comprehension. It’s one of my favorite films of the year thus far, and I know you are going to love it. So check it out!


Carol of the Bells will be available on DVD and Digital March 3 from High Octane Pictures. Find it wherever you purchase great films.