Saturday Special: Addicted To You [Film]


“Luke, a Buzzstory producer, is convinced at an early age to never fall in love. He takes this advice into adulthood, until he sleeps with his new co-worker, Aimee, who falls madly in love with him. With his job at stake, Luke devises a master plan to pose as a recovering sex addict to ditch Aimee. Just as Luke thought he could get away with it, his boss reveals that he is also a sex addict. Luke is quickly pressured into joining a real sex addiction group where he meets Kara, who could possibly become the love of his life.” – October Coast PR



Sometimes we just need to relax and watch a real feel good romcom in these dark and somewhat trying times. We will get into some real harsh shit tomorrow, but for today….let’s talk about sex addiction. And let’s have some fun with it. Addicted to You is an absolutely delightful with very little danger involved. We get to watch a character with what would seem to be the best problem in the world, mentally break down through a series of lies and manipulation going out and coming back to him from all angles. And with a wonderful mixed bag of supporting performances, there really isn’t anything to dislike about this intriguing story of love.



Shane Hartline and Melissa Paulo are obviously the shining stars of Addicted to You, and it is suffice to say that they performed wonderfully. But, I sincerely believe that this film would not have been as pleasurable if it were not for the likes of the film’s co-stars who are absolutely fascinating. The tag team stoner duo of Choni Francis and Garrett Mendez are just so damn much fun and bring the wonderful zany element to the film. And sweet shit of Christ is Cat Alter simply brilliant, and absolute star in the making. While writer and director Mike Cochnar clearly has a knack for great storytelling, Addicted to You is one of those films that can be clearly defined by the casting choices that were made. We’ve said it time and time again here at TWS, but good writing is worthless without the proper performances. And the performances we see in this film are beyond proper. They are exquisite!


Addicted to You is available now on VOD and DVD from Leomark Studios. Pick up a copy at the Leomark Official Webpage to receive 20% of using the promo code: IAMADDICTED.



Sunday Matinee: Carol of the Bells [Film]


“A young man with a troubled past seeks out his biological mother. His world is turned upside down upon discovering that she is developmentally disabled. Unable to work through this new discovery on his own, the man’s wife takes matters into her own hands forcing her husband to face the truth and heal the past. A crew of 70% individuals with developmental disabilities recently produced Carol of the Bells through Travolta’s Inclusion Films.” – October Coast PR



Folks, get ready to break out the feels on this one. If you have some resemblance of a soul, or even just a bit of consciousness, hell even a pulse, Carol of the Bells is a heart-warming film that is bound to take your breath away. Even if the events depicted in this truly original film don’t hit you personally, you are going to feel something special after just one viewing of this incredible film. By the above description alone of the film, you should probably know what you are getting into. But, let me tell you Folks, it’s more. SO much more. Carol of the Bells is honestly one of the most touching films I have ever seen. Misguided anger, mixed with regret, and the misunderstanding of things we can not begin to comprehend are themes that emancipate the story into the lovely package that the film is as whole.



Filmmaker Joey Travolta has managed to make writer J.C. Peterson’s amazing story into an absolute visual masterpiece in so many ways. And the idea that 70% of the crew involved in making this wonderful film happen is a true testament to the idea that we shouldn’t pass judgement too quickly (maybe, at all?) to the idea that folks who may have been dealt some challenges in their lives aren’t able to do amazing work in the world of the creative arts. I would love to think that this is not a real problem in this world that on the surface seems to be so open to difference, but sadly that would be a pipe dream if I ever heard of one. But Travolta, Peterson, and his wonderful crew have created something magical with Carol of the Bells, and it definitely deserves to be celebrated.

As one would expect, RJ Mitte was wonderful with his dramatic depiction of the tortured soul of the film. Some of use grew up watching him on the small screen, and would honestly expect nothing less. This is not to take away from his work here, but when you have established yourself as a dynamic force to be reckoned with, one would be surprised to see a bad performance. The dynamic force that struck me the hardest within Carol of the Bells, was actually a sort of tag team effort, if I could call it that. And that would be between Andrea F. Friedman in her titular role as Carol, and Yuly Mireles as the very pregnant, and very forward thinking Karen Johnson. Not throwing too many spoilers out there, but if you are at all interested in seeing this flick, these two interacting is hands down my most favorite part of the film.

So Folks, this is a very special film that is a brilliant story brought to screen by an incredible filmmaker, and is star-studded beyond comprehension. It’s one of my favorite films of the year thus far, and I know you are going to love it. So check it out!


Carol of the Bells will be available on DVD and Digital March 3 from High Octane Pictures. Find it wherever you purchase great films.


Saturday Special: Agramon’s Gate [Film]


“A psychic reader and Medium is invited to a party. Something goes very wrong and something comes over from the other side to haunt the people from the party. They must solve the mystery before it’s too late. Agramon will not be easy to stop.” – October Coast PR



Hello Folks! It’s another Saturday Special here at Trainwreck’d Society, and we have a doozy of a suspense thriller that fits our agenda ever so nicely here. Agramon’s Gate is one of those indie thrillers that is bound to leave your breathless and regret that you watched it alone at all hours of the night while your family is resting peacefully in other rooms while you are freaking out internally and feel the need to slam a few shooters of vodka to get yourself to sleep. Is that too wildly specific? Well, I can only speak from experience, Folks. Seriously though, I truly enjoyed this film exactly for what it was. This film is a brilliant blend of horror, suspense, and a classic tale of taking something like the supernatural a bit to lightly and eventually suffering the consequences. While I would love to avoid any “spoilers” of the film, it behooves me to, in a roundabout way, mention that there is a certain element (a moment, really) that made Agramon’s Gate stand out amongst the plethora of suspense films based around similar subjects. It’s sort of a “fuck all this” moment that I feel NEEDS to be projected in more films of this nature. Sometimes you just want to give up, right? It may not be the most exciting element of a terrible situation, but it’s cathartic on so many levels for me. I won’t go into details, but as soon as you watch this incredible made film, you will know exactly what I mean. I hope. Nah, you’ll get it.



Agramon’s Gate is another final production from filmmaker Harley Wallen, who’s previous film, Eternal Code, landed in our Top 50 Films of 2019. The film was of a different nature entirely, but shared a similar vibe of suspense and a style all of Wallen’s own. As his work was before, the film is lead by an incredible cast. The legendary Yan Birch and Laurene London make strong performances on another Wallen project, and I feel the great need to highlight a young Calhoun Koenig as the titular character, who was absolutely frightening, a.k.a. brilliant.

So Folks, if you are looking for a good bit of suspense and fright with some kind of lasting effects on your psyche, look no further than Agramon’s Gate. It is a great deal of fun for a Saturday night, and I know you will love it. Enjoy!


Agramon’s Gate is available now On Demand from Midnight Releasing. Get it wherever you purchase great films!

Sunday Matinee: Nasty [Short Film]


Hello Folks! For those of you who logged in just a couple of days ago, today’s Sunday Matinee will be of no surprise. We recently featured an incredible and insightful interview with filmmaker Paul Chart this past Friday, and we may have mentioned that he has a new short film that is currently in circulation entitled, Nasty. While it’s not exactly available to the public just yet, as it is still making the festival route, I simply could not wait to tell you all about it. It’s an incredible short film that feels as full as a 90 minute suspense thriller.

Actor Aaron Gleason, also known as Gilly Leads in the music world, gives an absolutely phenomenal performance as the film’s antagonist who whole-heartedly seems to not understand what the hell is happening to him as he is stalked by one would-be assassin, and guided his way out of the situation, voiced by the legendary Robert Forster , by another would have been assassin. While the premise may seem simple, we must not forget that this is a Paul Chart project nonetheless, so it is best to keep your expectations high, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Nasty, as previously mentioned, features a reunion of filmmaker Paul Chart and the dearly missed Robert Forster. And with that, I have to make a personal statement here. I have to sincerely thank Mr. Chart for allowing me to showcase a project that featured Forester in any capacity. Robert has always been, and will always be, at the top of the list for me as far as actors go. He has never failed. I first came to love him, coincidently enough, in Paul Chart’s incredible 1997 film, American Perfekt. Which was a film that came out decades after he started acting, but hey, I was 12, so how could I really know? That same year he appeared in my absolute favorite Tarantino film, Jackie Brown. And whether it was his surprise introduction in the shamefully cancelled, yet insanely brilliant, TV show Backstrom, or his incredible performance in the incredible Showtime revamping of Twin Peaks, he will always be a staple of a great man/actor should be. And to have the chance to showcase is work here is a real treat. So thank you Paul, you are an incredibly kind person as well.

Back to the film itself, although I want to leave this as spoiler free as possible, I do have to say that I can absolutely guarantee that if you have followed TWS for the last decade, you are going to love this film. It is suspenseful, dark, yet even has moments of comedic relief. It resolves itself brilliantly in a way you will never see coming.

So be on the lookout, Folks! Nasty will surely be hitting the digital platforms soon and I would implore you all to see it as soon as possible!


Oh, and one last fun fact for all of our regular readers here at TWS. Examine the above poster closely. Sincerely read the quotes, and see if you recognize a possible TWS alum? Can you find it?

Saturday Special: Stan the Man [Film]


“Stan Mann, a new money multi-millionaire, whose life consists of ladies, gambling and booze, lives at a 5-star hotel where the staff tends to his every need. Known as “Stan the Man” for his extreme generosity, he gets mixed up in a casino gambling scheme with Russian Mobsters and in one fateful bet, Stan loses everything. Planning to drown his sorrows in a bottle, Stan is critically wounded in a liquor store robbery, where he takes the bullet intended for the store clerk, Kristi. During a near-death experience in the ER, a slightly resentful Angel gives Stan 30 days to change his ways and redeem himself, and find his one true love.” – October Coast PR




I have been searching for the words to describe Stan the Man for quite some time. Well, maybe just a few days, but it is indeed something that hasn’t faded from my thought process. Initially I just wanted to say it is a “fun” film. Because it certainly is. Maybe delightfully cheesy? Yes, and obviously this is a compliment. But, when I really think about it, in my heart of hearts, I feel as though I should call this film “whimsical”. I think it fits. It’s a timeless tale of a man who seems to have everything, but the power of love can not be bought and all the while may be the most precious gift that this sometimes cold world can allow. And who doesn’t love a great second chance story? That is literally what we have here with this film. It’s literally the plot of the film. And I believe that it is done so amazing, incorporating just about every single romcom troupe imaginable, but manages to not be annoying for it. Which is a huge feat in my opinion, and something that everyone involved with the film should be extremely proud of for accomplishing.



Director/Co-writer and the dude behind Stan himself, Steven Chase was good in the titular role. But, as we tend to do around here at TWS, we have to give a shout out to the powerful female performances of Stan the Man. Dana Daurey is an absolute stand out during her time on screen. I’ve always said, publicly or not, that the best way to tell if a performer has done a great job is if you try to imagine another performer stepping in and taking over the role, and if it just doesn’t feel like it’s possible, that should be a pretty good sign that they were wonderful. I could say the same for Katherine Kelly Lang, who is of course absolutely phenomenal, but what else could you expect from the most seasoned and master of their class performer to appear in this film? Lang truly seems as though she doesn’t know how to give a bad performance, a quality that only the combination of time, passion, and natural born talent can create.

And then there is Anne Leighton, which if you couldn’t tell by the way I structured this whole thing, was my absolute favorite in the film. I feel that her character was deliberately set out to be the most loved character in the film, and Leighton grasped firmly onto this concept and absolutely nailed it. She was as absolutely delightful. I was actually aware of Leighton’s work, at least in one somewhat forgettable action film from a few years ago that doesn’t need to be named. But, I remember thinking that she was probably somebody to watch out for in the future. Well, it looks like the future is here, and I am seeing a perfect performance from one of the finest performers in the business. For those of you reading this who are in the business, PUT ANNE LEIGHTON IN MORE THINGS.

I implore you all to watch this whimsical and delightful movie. No, it’s not a 3 1/2 hour opus about political corruption and gangster squabbling, or a dark take on class warfare, but they don’t all have to be, do they? If you’d just like to have a little fun whilst acknowledging the power of love, I would highly recommend Stan the Man.


Stan the Man is available now on DVD & VOD wherever you purchase great films.



Saturday Special: A Perfect Host [Film]


“Four friends rent an isolated lake house for a weekend getaway. While the dramas of the friends’ relationships unfold, they are continually interrupted by the home’s owner: a health-obsessed bodybuilder named Tad. Throughout the group’s short stay, Tad’s seemingly affable gestures take an eerie and sinister twist, turning their dream vacation into a nightmare. Mystery entangles this tale that questions the blind acceptance of modern-day practices.” – October Coast PR



Happy Saturday, Folks! Today we are showcasing a suspense thriller for the ages. A Perfect Host is an intriguing film littered with suspense and ultimate pay off that is simply not to be missed. With some twists and turns, I will decree here and now that whatever you are expecting to experience whilst watching this modern gem of a horror film, you will definitely receive more than expected. Filmmaker Chad Werner hit the proverbial nail on the head in terms of keeping the suspense tight, while keeping the attitude a bit light and somewhat comedic at times. He’s an obvious mastermind of his craft and I am very excited to see what the future holds for him.


Brady Burelson Johnson is absolutely incredible in is portrayal of the film’s protagonist, Tad. Just superb. And might I had that the name Tad says so much about the character he is playing. I sincerely cannot think of a better name for this somewhat charming psychopath. KoKo Marshall is also a stand out performer in this wonderfully casted film that I recommend to anyone obsessed with great horror and suspense projects. A Perfect Host is simply brilliant. Check it out!


A Perfect Host is available now on DVD and VOD.




Sunday Matinee: Quezon’s Game [Film]


“As WWII loomed and the 1930s drew to a close, desperate Jewish refugees seeking to flee German/Austrian ghettos and the escalating atrocities of the Nazi regime found little help from countries around the world. More than 10,000 miles away, over weekend poker games at the Malacanañg Palace, prominent Jewish businessman, two-for-a-nickel cigar maker Alex Frieder, implored his friend “Manny,” Filipino President Manuel L. Quezon, to assist him in establishing asylum for refugees in the tropical, island country. Also helping devise the dramatic rescue plan was American diplomat Paul V. McNutt, who labored to overcome oppressive U.S. objections to the plan, imperiling his own political career and presidential aspirations. Willing to risk it all, it was a moral obligation the Filipino leader was determined to fulfill … despite astronomical obstacles, the Philippines struggling, U.S.-reliant economy and his own gravely failing health due to a relapse of tuberculosis.


Instrumental as well was an ambitious, young U.S. Army Colonel, future president Dwight D. Eisenhower, then chief aide to General Douglas MacArthur, serving in the Philippines, a U.S. territory at a time when Filipinos (even diplomats and officials), like African-Americans, were required to use “Colored” bathrooms at the White House. Although Quezon’s intent to rescue 10,000 Jews was abruptly curtailed by the Dec. 8, 1941 invasion and three-year occupation of his country by the Japanese, he, his wife, Aurora, and daughter, Baby, succeeded against all odds to welcome more than 1,200 refugees, initially housing them on his own family’s property, Marikina estate. Yet in his final days in 1944, as president in U.S. exile, he regretfully turned to Aurora and asked, “Could I have done more?” – Greenleaf & Associates PR





Oh Folks, do we have a great Sunday Matinee for you all today. First off, my sincerest apologies for the very long descriptive quote right up top. As many regular readers would know, this is usually a very brief overview of what the film is basically about. And while this one isn’t nearly as “brief” as they normally are, please understand that Quezon’s Game is a film that is littered with so much complexity and anxiety-driven content that I felt it was necessary to go long. This is a powerful film, Everyone. I know that words like “powerful” and “moving” seem to get thrown around very willy nilly like these days, but in the case of this masterpiece of cinema, these are pretty accurate descriptors, and I will stand by them.


I will be the first to admit something that I’m sure many other people would think simply in reading the description of this film….I HAD NO IDEA! It’s almost damn near shameful how much I did not know about the events that occur in this film, or the involvement of the Philippines in World War II. But after seeing Quezon’s Game, I simply cannot stop talking about it! I would hope that this would speak volumes to the work that filmmaker Matthew E. Rosen and writers Janice Y. Perez and Dean Rosen have put into showcasing the bravery and courage, let alone other the desire to simply do the right thing, that this incredible cast of historical characters managed to a show during such a frightful time.



We mentioned last week that we may have found the first great film of 2020 with the likes of Adrianna Maggs’s Goalie, but I am now here to say that it took less than a week to find yet another wonderful film of this year, with it only being January! Seriously Folks, I can’t imagine a world where we are not talking about Quezon’s Game a year from now when we are wrapping up our favorite cinematic pleasures of the year. It just doesn’t seem possible.


Quezon’s Game recently saw a wide release in theaters across the U.S. and Canada this last Friday, and are currently showing NOW! More theaters will be showing the film this coming Friday as well. See more details below:



List of U.S. + Canadian Markets

For theater locations, visit:


United States

Opening Jan. 24, 2020







New Jersey

Bergenfield, Elizabeth



Las Vegas, Reno


New York

Brooklyn, New York City


Berkeley, Elk Grove, Los Angeles, Roseville, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco


Alexandria, Norfolk, Virginia Beach

United States

Opening Jan. 31, 2020






Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix




Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami





Baltimore, Gaithersburg


Boston, Danvers, Framingham




Inver Grove Heights, Minneapolis


West Olive


Jackson, Southfield








Philadelphia, Pittsburgh


Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Houston, Plano, San Antonio


Salt Lake City



Olympia, Seattle


Washington D.C.



Opening Jan. 24, 2020


Calgary, Edmonton

British Columbia

Vancouver, Surrey





Mississauga, Scarborough, Toronto




Opening Jan. 31, 2020



Grande Prairie, Red Deer

British Columbia

Kelowna, New Westminster, Victoria


Kitchener-London, Ottawa, Vaughan



Regina, Saskatoon







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