Saturday Special: Rootwood [Film]


Rootwood follows two students who host ‘The Spooky Hour’, a podcast about paranormal phenomena and urban legends. When they are hired by a Hollywood film producer to shoot a horror documentary about the curse of The Wooden Devil, they smell their chance to become famous. Together, with their friend, they enter Rootwood Forest and investigate the area to find out the truth about The Wooden Devil and his victims.’ – High Octane Pictures



As if the world isn’t scary enough right now, TWS is here to shake it up a good fashioned horror film! Today we are talking about the brilliant indie horror film Rootwood. It’s truly original take on a well known premise, and features a twist that you are sure to not see coming. Highly stylized with a glorious combination of the elements that you have come to know and love in the world of horror. There’s blood. There’s jump scares. There is just so much to love about this film and the very least, it’s a nice little break from the horrors of the real world which surround us today. After one viewing of Rootwood, it’s possible that you won’t want to get out of the house anyway. Well, maybe not. But, you get the point.



One of the most delightful parts of Rootwood could be obvious for our regular readers. One of our dear friends is in the film. Of course, she happens to be a legend in the world of horror, so it’s no surprise that the filmmakers would want her to be in the film. I’m speaking of course about the great Sarah French! And as you would expect, she is incredible as always. We love her so much, there is no question about that. But, we should probably also state that the other two main cast members are amazing, and during the times they are all on screen together, they make a hell of a team. The other two would be the wonderful performers Elissa Dowling and Tyler Gallant. Seriously Folks, I could watch these three work on screen together dozens of times over. The dynamic of of Rootwood simply would not exist without any three other performances. I believe this with all of my heart. Screenwriter Mario von Czaapiewski created a wonderful setting, filmmaker Marcel Walz presented it naturally, but the cast really brought it all together. That’s team work folks, and it’s beautiful. I implore you all to check out Rootwood.


Rootwood is available now on DVD and VOD from High Octane Pictures.



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