Cas One: Happy Anniversary [Single]


Take a deep fucking breath everyone. Seriously, before you listen to the poetry that is “Happy Anniversary”. Yes Cas One is a rapper, but what you are about to hear doesn’t fully constitute a “rap song”. And not just because its an accapella single, but because this is real poetry. And it’s fucking painful. It seriously hurts to listen to it. I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I heard something so painfully relatable that it became a gut-wrenching process to listen to. If you can listen to this shit and not instantly feel so much pain for the great Cas One, you have to be a soulless wonder. And anybody who has been through a similar situation, no matter the end result, it will be like hearing everything rolling through your head that you wish you coul articulate as well as this man. At least it is that way to me.

3 minutes. I just 3 simple minutes, Cas One fucking steals time. In just 180 God damned seconds, this man releases something to the world that is almost undescribable. Look, just listen:


Seriously, how to critque that? It’s impossible. I’m just going to say that it is genius, and I am so excited to hear the Cas One vs. Figure album coming soon from Strange Famous Records.

To wrap it all up, I can only use the description that Cas One uses himself:

“My name is Jacob. When I rap my name is Cas One. I am going through a divorce.”

That’s all you really need.



Petros, Jubal, Purna, Lucky, & Soultru – Moja Maisha (Produced by Bodi) [Single]



Avid readers of TWS should instantly recognize the name Bodi. He has been a staple around here since our inception. He was the Trainwreck’d Person of the Year in 2013, not only for being an amazing artist, but as a man who took philanthropy to a whole new level. If you are unaware, you can check out the retelling of it all right HERE.

And our man Bodi is back, sort of. While Bodi may have made the happen, he isn’t exactly the focus here. Our man has guided the creation of something absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. A piece of art that, if it doesn’t pull on your heartstrings a bit, you just straight up don’t have a heart.

I will let Bodi explain it himself:

This is a song by Petros, Jubal, Purna, and Lucky – four boys who live in orphanages in South Africa, Nepal, and Peru. For all but one of them, it’s their first time recording a rap, let alone writing about their lives.

100% of the proceeds from this single will be donated to their respective orphanages.

A few years ago, I spent the better part of a year living in orphanages around the world, getting to know the kids and their caretakers, learning their stories. When word would get around that I’m a rapper, it was usually just a matter of time until the kids and I would sit around a table, hammer out a beat with our fists, and freestyle, or read raps or poetry. It was a way to remove barriers and connect on a deeper level.

Some of the kids asked me to lead a few impromptu hip hop classes, and help them write a verse about their lives: where they came from, what it’s like now, where they want to go.

Petros, Jubal, Purna, and Lucky were game to have me record them rapping to a basic drum beat graciously made by a friend. When I returned home, I worked on crafting an instrumental for their verses. This is their song. These are their stories. I feel honored to have been there to listen, to press record, and produce it.

Moja Maisha is a Swahili phrase that means “One Life.”


As most of us know, this is not unusual behavior for our dear friend Alex. He is one of the most selfless people on this planet, and we are honored to call him a friend. So please check the track.


You can download the song for any price you like. Donations are encouraged and will go a long way. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the song will be going back to their respective orphanages.



Cas One vs. Figure: Murder Media [Single]


Well, the day has almost finally come, Everyone. Tomorrow is Election Day. Fucking finally, right? We finally get to figure out which monster will soon be the figurehead of the United States of America. And I will be the 4 millionth person to say, this is a sad time. It really feels like a lose-lose situation, but there really isn’t anything we can do about it. We are defenseless against the actions of the people that rule us. But there is solace is one thing: some good ass art has come out of this whole debacle. So let’s talk about that!

For those who were not aware, the amazing independent hip hop label Strange Famous made the greatest decision of their existences earlier this year when the decided to sign on two of the greatest artists in Hip Hop, Cas One and Figure, together as Cas One vs. Figure. And last March, they released a beautiful lyrics video to their brilliant track “Murder Media” that I feel is so damn appropriate for this day. Seriously, I cannot think of a more appropriate song to represent this day that will always be a proverbial cum stain in our history. The world is in such a disarray that we absolutely NEED a track like “Murder Media”. And as you would expect from two of the greatest artists in the Hip Hop world, they created something absolutely beautiful.

So, when you are out there at the polls deciding the future of this nation, I hope this track is seething through your brain. Remember: “You’re only as strong as your motherfuckin’ cause”. So what is your cause? And how far are you willing to go? Vote how you will, but understand that our future is looking grim, and while it seems like there is nothing you can do about it, you can’t give up hope. I’m not telling you to vote. I don’t buy that bullshit claim that “if you don’t vote, you can’t say anything.” No, not voting is a statement in itself. And if you do vote, please understand the consequences of your actions. Feel whole-heartedly about the choice you make.

And more importantly, listen to good goddamn music! And by good music, I am definitely talking about Cas One vs. Figure. Check out this amazing video for “Murder Media”, and formulate your opinions accordingly.

Check out more great work from Cas One Vs. Figure at the Strange Famous Website.

Goodbye, Farewell, Amen.

tws train

It has been 4 years.  4 wonderful years, I might add.  An entire presidential term ago, I started this little site you are looking at today as sort of “something to do” after I had done all I could to get my book project (Children of Mercy: Tales and Teaching From the World of Independent Music) off the ground, and was simply doing a bit of publicity during that summer of 2011.

For those who are unaware, this site actually began in a hotel room at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi.  Pretty much Biloxi, MS.  I was spending the summer doing to re-training for a my new job, and had the “opportunity” to spend 6 weeks hanging out in the south.  Overall, it was pretty good.  I finally got to visit New Orleans, and even did a bit of radio promotion of CoM.  I was also contacted to by College Magazine to do an interview about the book, via E-mail….and that is really where this whole damn thing got started.

Actually it all started when I was alone, bored, drunk off Kentucky’s finest vodka, watching a shitty SyFy movie about robot alligators or something.  I had also just finished taken a dip in the disgusting Gulf of Mexico and touring around a weird segregated cemetery, when I realized what my next step was going to be.  Washed clean from the sins of common decency, I decided it was time to move forward.  At that point, I had spent the last 3 years or so writing album reviews and features for the single greatest indie music site of all time, .   I loved and learned so much from and about that site that I almost felt disgusting when I decided to branch out on my own (although my fearless leader Andy was very encouraging).   Disgusted so much so that I actually continued to write for the site even after I was trying to manage my own.  So why the break off?

It’s really a simple answer.  I just wanted to do a bit more.  Fensepost is the greatest MUSIC site the world will ever know.  Some of the bands/artists that I learned about from this site alone have shaped my life in ways I could never explain.  If it weren’t for Fensepost, there would be no Blitzen Trapper or Bodi or Asectic Junkies or Jared Mees or Soul Distraction etc.  And to me, the people behind these wonderful projects are not simply people who I listen to, they are genuine wonderful folks that I have had the distinct pleasure of interacting with in some form or another over the years.  But, as I seem to do, I fucking digress….

I wanted to be involved in the entire aspect of entertainment.  Mostly the film world.  I’ve always been an avid film lover since I was 10 years old and first discovered Woody Allen.  And after CoM was successfully funded, published, and released, I was feeling on top of the world at the time and figured I could try anything and make it fucking happen.  Thus, Trainwreck’d Society was born.

TWS was never meant to be a huge hit.  My goal for the first year of existence was to reach 1,000 views a month.  And I was proud to say that we hit that (almost spot on, just hours before the goal deadline).  And then it just sort of expanded.  To date, we are here, 4 years later, sitting at a site that started on a whim, now looking at over 150,000 hits.  And there is no doubt in my mind that this is owned to the stunning and stellar artists, writers, actors, bloggers, etc. that contributed to the success of this site in so many ways.  I really feel as though I was just the pusher of this beautiful nonsense, and YOU all made this happen.  And I am so proud to have been the facilitator of such beauty.  $100 in domain fees has been totally worth it!

But alas, it has to come to and end.  And for a site that was started on a lonely July 4th night, the 4 year mark seems entirely appropriate.  I have loved making this site happen.  In fact, it has moved around with me so much over the years.  From Biloxi, to Spokane, to South Korea, to pit stops all across America, and finally ending in southern Spain.  It has been something that has followed me so closely over the years, and it certainly always will.  I say that is has followed “Me”, but really the content of this site has been produced all over the world, even beyond my own locations.  We have been fortunate enough to have contributions from folks from the Pacific Northwest, to the snowy lands of Minneapolis, to trailer parks in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, and so many other great places across the globe.  So, at this point in this far too long eulogy, I have to thank the great people who contributed to the content of the blog:

Christopher Eaves, Adam Mattson, Ray Wiggington, David Minne, Dusten Retcher.

You motherfuckers are just some amazing cats that I can’t even begin to explain who thankful I am for what you have given me and the Trainwreck’d Society community.  I seriously love all of you for everything you have done.  Thank you so much.

And then, as trite and cliche as it may seem, there are just so many other great folks to thank that it would take forever to truly appreciate you all.  So let me do the “right” thing, and clump you all in to one big group so basically make myself feel like I said all I could:

To all the Guest Wreckers, publicity folks like XO Publicity or Green Light Go or Principato Young or October Coast who gave some of the greatest tips imaginable, musicians/actors/writers who didn’t suck and sent me e-mails, musicians who DID suck but still sent the e-mails, the wonderful musicians/actors/writers who saw our site as something they would like to be a part of, for reasons I still don’t understand, DJ’s and Podcasters across the globe who showcased our work, basically anyone who helped make this content available and accessible to our readers.

And, yes I have to do it, thank you to the readers.  Whoever the hell you are, and wherever you are from….. Thank you.  Without you there is no reason for us to have ever existed.  Although, I am pretty sure you are more than likely a part of the aforementioned crown, in which case I thank you twice as much.


So, it seems like all that needs to be said as been said.  Trainwreck’d Society is officially completed, but obviously not depleted.  Until I am in my grave, the site shall exist, and we will always have a great catalog of interviews, album reviews, features, book reviews, etc. for you to love and enjoy.  You can always scout out or INDEX to see the impressive list of fine folks we have featured on the site, I promise you it will always be available.

And as for me personally, I’m not really sure where I am going.  I am indeed hoping that TWS will simply be the second part of the trilogy of my “career” (can you call it a “career” if you’ve never made any money?).  The final installment should be underway, as soon as I figured that out.  Until that begins, you can always find me somewhere in the digital universe.  I’m on Twitter now (@rontrembath), always supporting the folks who have supported me for so long.  Our wonderful friend Adam Mattson is co-host of the ground breaking podcast Four Guys Drinking (as well as regular guest and former TWS contributor Christopher Eaves), so you can always expect me to be pimping this wonderful show out to the world.  I don’t really know.  The next goal is out their to reach somewhere, and I raise a glass to everyone who has had the courage to strive towards reaching that goal.  I know that when I figure out what that is, I will strive towards it with the tenacity of a freshly stabbed bull in the ring of glory.

Since I’ve never considered myself an “original” writer, and have always loved to bite off , or “quote from”, those who do things so much better than me, I will leave you with this quote from my newest and most favorite show host, the great Sir Scott Lawrence:

“Have a great evening, and a wonderful tomorrow.”


Fin/Mic Drop.




Ron Trembath
founder/editor, Trainwreck’d Society




Thee Hobo Gobbelins [Band]

Thee Hobo GoblinsSomewhere between the talented and the estranged, between Americana folk and traditional masochistic stylings, there is an impromptu Bay Area based burning man ritual happening without the knowledge of the locals, all the while creating something absolutely lovely.  And boy are they having a damn good time!  I clearly could only be talking about the bizarre, yet super-friendly sounding batch of storytellers and weirdos Thee Hobo Goblins (that was “clear” right?  never mind.)

Thee Hobo Gobbelins is a brilliantly weird collection of avant-garde and fascinating individuals who obviously understand what it means to have a good time whilst telling a damn fine traditional story, or just ripping through some badass bluegrass melodrama.  While the group is one that is obviously meant to appeal to the weirdos and lovers out there, really it is all about the storytelling.  On their first full length album since 2009, Oddities and Entities, the listener is invited into the pastel flowered patterned haunted house that is the world in which these beautiful freaks live in day in and day out.  For the 6 or so regular Trainwreck’d Society readers: think of them as a mashup  between The Fenbi International Superstars and Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits.  The latter mentioned group is not only because one half of the famed BJE duo, Dan Abbott, is a the man behind the gee-tar for Thee Hobo Goblins.  It’s more of just a common trend to beautify the estranged in such a fascinating manner.  For everyone else who accidentally stumbled here, think no more, and just listen to some wonderful music and consider yourself welcomed to the weird.

And, I know I say this all the time, but this is a band that is wonderful to hear on wax, but is obviously the sort of band that obviously has a whole knapsack filled with shenanigans and good time remedies that absolutely MUST be seen live before the naked eye and brow.  Their west coast driven, Appalachian stomp sound is one that one work well in absolutely any setting.  In fact, the band’s Facebook page probably says it best of all:

Thee Hobo Gobbelins“We can play anywhere, on a rooftop or a desert, with or without a P.A. We’re all very nice, but will possibly make you uncomfortable. Book us for winery tours, carnivals, protests, eviction parties, game conventions, or any place with a large enough dimensional rift for us to pop through.”

Sometimes these thing just right themselves.  And with that being said, Thee Hobo Gobbelins are planning to pillage and entertain villages all across the southern half of the US of A.  Kicking things off in the southeast in the land of MLK and sugary carbonated laced dreams, and eventually making their way across the land back to their homeland of ghost-risen whips and beatnik book shops.  All throughout the month of October, these silly beast will be there to entertain you.  Check out the dates below:

October 9th – Atlanta, GA @Mojo’s
October 10th – Asheville, NC @ Crow & Quill
October 11th – Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s North Vegetarian Cafe
October 12th – Hattiesburg, MS @ The Tavern
October 13th – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
October 14th – Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
October 15th – Austin, TX @ Beerland
October 17th – Las Cruces, NM @ TBA
October 18th – Phoeniz, AZ @ The Lost Leaf
October 19th – Anaheim, CA @ The Doll Hut
October 20th – Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
October 21st – Pomona, CA @ VLHS
October 22nd – Santa Margarita, CA @ Porch Cafe
October 24th – Oakland, CA @ Leo’s Audio

You can pick up a copy of Oddities and Entities right over HERE.  Also be sure to stay in touch with the band on their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page.

….And for a quick example of just exactly how great a viewing of Thee Hobo Gobbelins can truly be, here is a live performance of the classic gospel track “Whiskey & Beer” that I found on the Tubes of Yu.

Bodi: One [Single]

Bodi - OneLoyal TWS readers should not be surprised that we are once again showcasing the wonderful artist and overall beautiful human being that is Alexander Hallet a.k.a. Bodi.  He is arguably (and you best bet I would argue it!) the finest MC in the hip hop game today.  And even with these characteristics in tow, he still manages to prove himself to be an incendiary human being who obviously has the thoughts of others placed far above his own personal wants, and some times even his own needs.  Rapper, poet, photographer, philanthropist….these are the simplest definitions of this complex and obviously multi-talented human being.  And guess what Dear Readers…the man is back!

The man who is Bodi has recently returned from what he has dubbed The Volunteer Adventures, and is back in the lab(s) and seemingly perfecting his art(s) the only way he knows how: with his entire heart involved.  He is currently hard at work on a book of photography and a documentary about The Volunteer Adventures, but in between it all he is also not forgetting about what made us love him in the first place.  He is still writing songs and mastering his craft as a hip hop artist, now with a year’s worth of world traveling to influence his already beautiful storytelling that we have all come to know and love.  And I while damned if his latest single “One” isn’t a prime example of what can happen to an already talented artist when they set out on a personal voyage across the globe and comes back with an entire planet’s worth of experience with death, happiness, sadness, and exclamation.  Our man has done it once again.

Bodi - One 2“One” is a track that, in some ways, brings us back to this one dude I used to know and love called Alexipharmic.  Which was, as if you didn’t know, the portrait of a young man who would be Bodi.  The music brings us back to the bit more upbeat yet filled with struggle times of Alex’s early years, which is to say that the beat is a bit lighter than we heard on his brilliant 2013 release as Bodi, The Fall of Atlas.  But our man hasn’t exactly lightened up too much, thank goodness.  The poetry in his lyrics are still littered with beautiful sadness, especially when he spits about his “books of shadows that are way past due”, or when he mentions the “saints turned Gods” that essentially failed him.  “One” is, at the very least, a beautiful addition to the amazing songbook that he has managed to create in his short time on this earth.  And while it may be one of the jazziest and most upbeat songs we have heard from this cat as Bodi, “One” might be one of the most heart-felt and discovery driven songs we have heard from this man yet.

And even better yet, this is just one track from his forthcoming EP that is due out around mid-September.  And it would be a safe bet to say that we will be watching for this brilliant MP3 riddled canvas to drop and to tell you all about it.  Until then, be sure to head on over HERE to check out “One” which is without a single solitary doubt just the beginning of one of the finest albums of the year.  Bodi is unstoppable, Bodi is genius, Bodi is life.

Simple Steven [Artist]

Simple Steven3Here at Trainwreck’d Society, we are probably only slightly known for our support for the hip hop community.  While yours truly is a HUGE fan of hip hop music, especially the thought driven and lyrical bliss that can be accomplished in a simple 16 bars.  We’ve covered several hip hop acts, called out one artist as Person of the Year, and there is always a handful of hip hop albums on our end of year lists.  Still, it still feels like we don’t do enough.  That is exactly why I am so happy about this new feature.  I am so happy to (possibly) introduce one of the finest artist I have heard in so damn long, Simple Steven.

Somewhere in the vein of the Bodi, Sadistik, or Cas One….we shall find Simple Steven.  And this is not to say they have similar sounds, although they sort of do.  If anything they are similar in how different they are form everything you are used to hearing the hip hop world.  A Simple Steven song might be a bit less hook heavy when compared to his label mate Infidelix, and his lyrics a bit more complicated than fellow label mate Twitchy, and possibly not as dark in nature as the aforementioned Sadistik or Cas One.  So what does he sound like?  Exactly.  He sounds like Simple Steven.  He is man all on his own who has proven himself worthy of walking with the giants.  And walk he shall when he hits the road this summer in support of his new album Abandon All Anchors, which will be released August 5th, with the likes of DJ Abilities and Jake Spike.  And if the recently released music video for the album’s first single “Dormant” should act as a sign of how great this album and accompanying tour may be, you all are in for a real goddamned treat to say the least.


Simple Steven is, whether he knows it or not, a truly gifted lyricist by what almost seems like a birth right.  Should this brilliant young man decide to continue down a path guided by his ability to spit a flow that leaves your legs weak and mind fucking blown, he is almost guaranteed success and massive gratification.  There is little doubt in my mind that Abandon All Anchors will be a beautiful little building block that will piece together the beginnings of a very bright and definitely earned career for Simple Steven in the hip hop game.


Abandon All Anchors will be available on August 5th.  Check HERE for more details.  Also be sure to check out Simple Steven when he tours a city near you:

Simple Steven1