Charlie and the Foxtrots [Band]

Charlie and the FoxtrotsOh sweet delicious hipster folk!  I seriously can not get enough of it.  The reinvention of a classic country sound is something I am sure I will always thoroughly enjoy.  Beautifully written songs with a delightful, even if it is mildly depressing, story to tell is something that can never be wrong.  And that is exactly what you will hear form a band like Charlie and the Foxtrots.  It could be very easy for me to pigeon hold these cats by comparing them to so many other acts out there, but honestly, that wouldn’t be right.  Certainly the band’s banjo riddled new age folk songs may sound familiar, but there is something obviously different here.  All the classic elements are there, but the personalized brand of folk that Chaz Wilson and company are bringing is rightfully respectable on its own merit.

Charlie and the Foxtrots recently debuted their new single “The Man I Am” over at, and are on the cusp of releasing a new E.P., which if it is half as delightful as their 2013 release The Evergreen, we are in for a real treat.  And if their new single is any indication of what we will hear in the future, it would be a safe bet to say that it this shit is going to rock our worlds.  Forget about all the “RIYL” crap that tries to make you think you are listening to a Lumineers rip off, this is the real gold.  It is fun, high-spirited, and did I mention fun?  Seriously folks, if you were to only accept one new band to listen to this year, please do yourself a favor and make it Charlie and the Foxtrots.  You will not be disappointed.

Charlie and the Foxtrots are currently on tour, catch them in a city near you.  Visit their website for details.

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