My Fiona [Film]

“My Fiona tells the poignant story of grief and loss, while exploring sexual identity in today’s reality. In the wake of an unexpected suicide, Jane finds herself overwhelmed by the loss of her best friend, Fiona. As she begins helping Fiona’s widow Gemma care for their seven-year old son, the relationship helps them cope but threatens their ability to heal.”


Holy buckets, Folks. Prepare to experience them feels! My Fiona has a premise that seems pretty direct able, but it certainly is not. It’s a complex and emotional journey, and it is told absolutely wonderfully! Writer and Director Kelly Walker  has created an absolute masterpiece, if I am being blunt. And the stars seemed to have aligned beautifully, as the film centers around two incredibly interesting characters who both happened to be portrayed wonderfully by two amazing performers.

What got me the hardest about My Fiona is the relatability that I wasn’t expecting to have with the character of Jane. Sure, there are wildly specific differences, but ultimately, the film is about grief. Plain and simple (well, not that simple, but you get it). And we as humans experience grief differently, but it is a commonplace emotion for all of us, and sometimes we have to allow ourselves to heal. And for some of us, that can be harder than it seems.

The dynamic and tension displayed between Corbin Reid and Jeanette Maus is absolutely phenomenal. Clearly it’s well written, but there is a chemistry between Reid and Maus that is simply undeniable. It’s an absolute pain to know that Jeanette Maus recently passed away following an eight month long battle with colon cancer, and that the world will be deprived of her brilliance. 

So Folks, I implore you all to check out this incredible film. I’m saying it now, although I know it’s only April, My Fiona is one of the best films of 2021, if not the best thus far. And with the world being as insane as it is now, it’s actually quite possible that you don’t have to wait too long to see it!

You can check it out virtually at the Outshine LGBTQ Film Festival, available April 28th to May 2nd.

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