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Hello Folks! Today we have an incredible interview that is well overdue. Mainly due to my very own inability to focus on multiple tasks during a move across the world, as you have all heard me whine about since it began. Anyway, today we have an absolute gem of a human being gracing our digital pages. It’s the amazing actor, Todd Robert Anderson!

Todd has been working both on and off the screen for over 20 years, and has worked on a plethora of the TV shows you know and love. A personal highlight, and probably for a lot of you as well, is his reoccurring role on the brilliant FXX series You’re The Worst. Some of you may remember that we have actually featured some pretty great folks who have appeared and re-appeared on this absolutely incredible show, such as Allen Maldonado, Robin Riker, and Johnny Pemberton. But, Todd was a fucking presence on this program, and was an absolute highlight of each and every episode he was on.

And another bit of inside baseball fun that we have for you all….we have another Becker siting! Yes, Todd is yet another of the insanely talented man who appeared, even if just for one episode, on the series we love and adore the most. So, of course we had to ask him about that as well.

So Folks, please enjoy some amazing words from our new friend and absolutely amazing actor, Todd Robert Anderson!




What inspired you to get into the world of performance? Was it something you had wanted to do since your youth? Or did you happen to find yourself in this world one day?

It was a plan I had since junior high, to be an actor. A teacher encouraged me to do a play, The Butler Did It, and when I got all the attention and laughs, it got me past my shyness and social awkwardness. And created a bit of an addiction for performance. 

What was your first paid gig in the world of entertainment? And were there any sort of lessons learned from this experience that still affect your work to date?

My first paid gig was a commercial for Pacific Bell, in which we extolled the virtues of “three-way calling.” Yes, I’m ancient. My first theatrical gig was in Blast from the Past.

Much like our dear friends Allen Maldonado, Robin Riker & Johnny Pemberton, you were absolutely incredible on the equally incredible series You’re The Worst. I am curious to know what drew you to this project? And how was your experience working on such a funny and enlightening series? 

Show creator Stephen Falk is one of my best friends, I’ve known him since college. He had a small, two-line part called “The Groom” that needed to be filled for the pilot. I went in and auditioned, ad-libbed a third line for the fun of it, and they cast me. The network liked me enough to flesh out the character and bring him on for more episodes. So, to answer your question, what drew me to it was my old friend and what draws me to most of the work I do: they were willing to pay me.


YOU’RE THE WORST — “The Heart is a Dumb Dumb” — Episode 213 (Airs Wednesday, December 9, 10:30 pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Janet Varney as Becca, Todd Robert Anderson as Vernon. CR: Byron Cohen/FX


You also appeared in an episode of my absolute favorite sitcom of all time, which I am always obligated to ask our guests about, even if it was only a brief gig. And that series is the one and only series Becker. You played “Pete” in the episode “One Wong Move”, which is honestly one of the most memorable episodes for me, & written by our friend Russ Woody. Anyway, I am curious to know how your experience was working this legendary (at least to me!) sitcom? 

Doing Becker was very exciting for me because I was a Cheers fanatic and working with Ted Danson was a dream come true. He is genuinely a great guy as well as being a great actor, so meeting one of my heroes turned out to be a great thing. On taping night I got a very hard lesson when the biggest scene in the episode, with a lot of moving parts, got zero reaction from the studio audience. We were there until two in the morning trying to figure it out. I just assumed studio audiences would laugh at anything, but apparently they have minds of their own. 
I also got to meet Octavia Spencer who was working on the show, and she was a blast. 

If you were handed the opportunity to portray any legendary figure in American history, who would it be?

Steve Martin, because I grew up dreaming about being him, and this would be the absolute closest I could get.

What does the future hold for you? Anything our readers should be on the lookout for?  

I’ll turn up on this season of Good Girls here and there. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. I wait for the auditions, and when they come, I get bookings. I never know too far in advance what I’ll be doing.

What was the last thing that made you smile?  

My son was singing along to Juice Newton’s “Angel of the Morning”, and he got the lyrics wrong: “Just call me angel of the morning, angel. Just pull my teeth before you leave me, baby.” I laughed for an hour after that.

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