Steven Rogers [Interview]

Hello Folks! We are kicking off the week here at Trainwreck’d Society with some wonderful words from another absolutely hilarious human being. It’s Steven Rogers, Everyone! I’ve wanting to get Steven on the show for quite some time. I came about his comedy through constant recommendation on a weekly podcast that I never miss entitled Tuesdays with Stories, hosted by our friends and past guests Joe List and Mark Normand. They even have a nice little (will, actually, “big”?) nickname that you will have to find out about yourself one of these days.
Steven Rogers has been a staple of the New York comedy scene, and has even recently worked with the likes of Brian Regan on his latest Netflix comedy special. Rogers is one of those cats that true comedy fans know is somebody who is going to bring some serious light into whatever it is you are viewing that he is involved with. Whether it’s him making one of my favorite jokes about anxiety directly in front of a late night comedy show, where such a matter (used?) to be taboo, and making one of the funniest dudes in Late Night laugh hysterically, or just his delight mannerism on the sometimes trash website that is He also has a wonderful podcast that he will talk bout below.
And for fans that may want to get a glimpse of what will be his new comedy record, He is running a Zoom showcase of it on March 6th. You can find out more details at his Linktree. I’m most definitely (go to try to) be there, and so should you! Until then Folks, please enjoy some wonderful words from the great Steven Rogers!
What inspired you to get into the world of comedy? Was it something you aspired to do since your youth, or did you happen to find yourself in this world one day?
It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. My parents are big comedy fans and I remember watching a lot of comedies with them when I was young, and my Dad and I watched the Three Stooges and Looney Tunes constantly, but the thing that changed it all for me is when I watched stand-up with my parents the first time. I remember watching my parents crack up and how much fun everyone was having and thinking “Whatever this is I want it.”
What was your first paid gig in the world of comedy? And were there any sort of lessons learned from this experience that still impacts your work to date?
I’m not entirely sure. Honestly, money is the last thing on my mind when it comes to comedy. That’s not something I say with pride by the way. I just care about the jokes and getting to be on stage. I will say, the paid shows have taught me to give them my best and not to experiment so much that I’m screwing over the audience and venue. Like all comics I get very excited about trying the new stuff and growing my material, but I learned you do that over time and don’t shove it all into one night, you’ll look unprofessional and drive yourself crazy.
I always like to ask comedians who (used?) to travel across the globe making people laugh, this one question: What are some of the more obscure cities and/or venues that you have enjoyed performing in? What are some places that most people may not realize are wonderful places for live comedy?
I obviously love all the places I’m lucky enough to perform in, all the comedy clubs I work treat me very well and are so fun to work. I did find out last year one of my favorite places to perform is on a round stage where the audience is all around you, they call it, “Theater in the Round”. Not sure if it’s because the audience is surrounding me, but I was moving a lot more so everyone could see me, and I had way more energy, It just made the shows different and brought a lot more out of me. It’s something I hope I get to do a lot more in my career.
And beyond being a necessity these days for comedians to have a podcast, I am always curious to know about the origins of truly original shows such as yours, Panic Attacking. You’ve even had some friends & past guests of TWS like Sarah Tollemache, Myq Kaplan, Joe List & more on the show! So, what made you want to bring this delightful show out into the world? And what made you decide on the format?
First of all thank you for plugging the podcast so I don’t have to *cough* Patreon is only $5 a month *cough* Panic Attacking is so much fun to do and I truly love making this show with my co-host Andrew Schiavone. We have wonderful listeners who are (as silly as it sounds) like a family to us. The show came from my friendship with Andrew, I met him when I moved to NYC and we hit it off pretty rapidly and would laugh so hard in our chats together that I knew if I was going to do a show with anyone it was him. We tried a few ideas and they were all forced, but the main thing we always ended up talking about was how stressed out and anxious we were, so that became the show. Now we’re almost 100 episodes in, we interview anxious comedians occasionally who talk about how they handle their mental health, but mostly the show is trying to look at anxiety and mental health through a comedy lense, make everyone feel a little bit better, and laugh a whole lot.
If you were greenlit & received an unlimited budget to create the biopic (series, film, etc.) of any figure from the days of comedy past, who would you choose? 
Brian Regan. Hands down. He’s truly one of the best comics out there. “Your favorite comedian’s favorite comedian.” Gets used a lot, but Brian Regan truly is just that. I’ve been lucky enough to know him personally and he’s just the most generous man on the planet. He works so hard and cares so much, and his crowds and body of work shows that. He inspires me every time I see him on and off the stage, and someone needs to get cracking on this film and show the world how funny and how great Brian Regan can be and is!
What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?
I hope for a lot and expect nothing. I’m hoping to do a lot more appearances on late night/TV, but right now I’m working on my first album which I hope I will get to make soon! (I run it on Zoom, March 6th at 8pm) That being said for the love of God please check out my YouTube and Panic Attacking Podcast.
What was the last thing that made you smile?
I did an outdoor show last night in a backyard of an apartment in Brooklyn. It had snowed recently so they had to shovel it all out so they could put on the show. It was sold out, and I was just telling jokes to a big crowd, IN THE SNOW. It was the perfect combination of what comedy should be and currently is. I had so much fun and the set went well and it really was just a reminder of why I got into this and why I will never stop doing it. I’ve smiled since then obviously, but it was a better answer than “my playstation”.

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