Trainwreck’d Society’s Top 50 Albums of 2020 Part 2: 25 – 1 [Exclusive]


Well Folks, the year is wrapping up, and I’m certain that I am not alone in my excitement for this sinkhole of a year to be behind us. Of course, the root cause of what has us going so insane is still around, but I dare say we have a bit of hope coming our way in 2021. Hopefully. Maybe not. Who knows.

Anyway, we can all agree that the fucking music in 2020 was plentiful and pretty damn great! Hell, what else did people really have to do? Sure creative spirits could have been diminished for some, but as you can tell with the incredible list we have compiled below, not to all! We have a wonderful batch of albums to share with you all. And this is only part one! Due to the unique circumstances of the dates of Holidays this year,  I thought it would be fun to tease you all a bit by releasing one edition on Friday, and the next one on Monday. Oh how we kid around here. I guess this is what stir crazy looks like in a digital blog format.

But in all seriousness Folks, there has been some wonderful music released in 2020. If you followed along our journey in our Top 100 Songs of 2020, you will likely recognize literally every artist on this list. 50 ofolks from our Top 100 Songs are reflected in the full albums below, and they are all incredible. You’re going to love this. So please enjoy part 1 of Trainwreck’d Society’s Top 50 Albums of 2020!


Well, here we are, Folks. Below is what could possibly be my very last end of year list ever. I mean, in digital print format anyway. It has been a wild dozen years, and it has been so much fun bringing these lists to my wonderful reader(s). This top 25 is pretty special because it includes so many of the artists that we have continued to showcase over the years, but there are also so pretty amazing new faces that will surely remain in the zeitgeist of whatever it is I do in the future after Trainwreck’d Society is nothing more than an encyclopedia of cool shit that existed from 2011-2021. Atmosphere, Lotte Kestner, The Sea The Sea, and of course, Blitzen Trapper, are just a few of the artists who have appeared on my lists over the years each and every time they put out a record. And I am not ashamed of this, as they all fucking rule, and I honestly don’t give a single fuck how biased that seems.

Speaking of biased, I actually had to re-edit the original introduction to this thing because I decided to break my own rules, and include Miel’s Tourist Season in the Top Albums list, even though it is technically an EP. I mean, do the rules really even matter anymore? Only megastars are putting out long form albums because they may actually make money from streaming, so fuck it. And this “EP” is hands down one of the best things I have listen to this year, with the exception of the top two albums, including one from our pal Honey Gentry who finally put our her first full length album!

So Folks, it’s been a real damn delight over the years. And if you find yourself looking into the third portion of the Trembath trilogy (whatever that may be), I may be able to provide you with these similar lists. But, until then, please enjoy the final installment of Trainwreck’d Society’s Top 37 1/2 or 50 Albums of the year. Enjoy!





25. Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah – L.A. Yesterday


24. Atmosphere – The Day Before Halloween


23. The Furious Seasons – La Fonda


22. Lisa Loeb – A Simple Trick to Happiness


21. Thurston Moore – By the Fire


20. Sunset Canyoneers – Sunset Canyoneers


19. Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters


18. Berlin – Strings Attached


17. Car Sea Headrest – Making a Door Less Open


16. Leonard Cohen – Thanks For the Dance


15. Belle and Sebastian – What to Look For In Summer


14. Ciaran Lavery – Plz Stay, BB


13. Megan Thee Stallion – Good News


12. Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher


11. Aesop Rock – Spirit World Field Guilde


10. Juice Wrld – Legends Never Die


9. Lotte Kestner – Covers Vol. 2


8. Bike Thiefs – Leaking


7. John Craigie – Asterik the Universe


6. The Sea Sea – Stumbling Home


5. Mac Miller – Circles


4. Grayson Capps – South Front Street


3. Miel – Tourist Season


2. Blitzen Trapper – Holy Smokes Future Jokes


  1. Honey Gentry – H.G.


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