Trainwreck’d Society’s Top 100 Songs Part 4: 25 – 1 [Exclusive!]


Folks, there really isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been beaten like a Covid related-dead horse. This year has sucked in so many ways. Even when looking back on the good thing(s) that occurred in November, it still doesn’t quite take away of the sting of what 2020 has left behind. In fact, to acknowledge that there was still so much wonderful content out there in the world of film, television, and music is a pretty sad take in its own right. It just seems that so many of us had a whole lot more time to consume the arts. Which we should always be doing, but when it’s pushed upon you, it’s not nearly as fun.

Well, now that I got that downer ass first part of the introduction out of the way, I do have to admit that, possibly because of having more time, I did manage to listen to some wonderful tunes this year. Although we once again did not showcase nearly as many artists this year as we have in the decade past, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t get the e-mails (looking at all you fine PR folks, thank you). It doesn’t mean that throughout the underground and mainstream media world, there wasn’t an abundance of great songs to check out and enjoy.

This year’s list sees quite a collection of brand new faces, some that only came to the site as near as 2019, and some classic folks who have been regularly showing up on our lists for the last decade, as they never cease to impress. Hell, this year will even include our very first (and probably last) holiday song we have ever had. So Folks, I hope you enjoy the list, and if you find yourself looking for something that you may have missed throughout this insane year, give these folks a listen! You’ll love it. I guard-damned-tee it. Enjoy!


Here it is Folks! Trainwreck’d Society’s Top 25 Songs of 2020. Some folks that you have seen over the last few days, and even the last few years, as well as some new faces that we are so proud to have entering the TWS zeitgeist. So please enjoy! And be sure to give these folks a listen!





25. Blitzen Trapper – Don’t Let Me Run


24. Warren G (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – And You Know That


23. Fleet Foxes – Shore


22. Lisa Loeb – Doesn’t It Feel Good


21. YG – FTP


20. Miel – Must Be Fine


19. Tyla Yewah (feat. Post Malone & Tommy Lee) – Tommy Lee


18. Kate MacLeod – The Secret Forest Lament


17. Car Seat Headrest – Can’t Cool Me Down


16. Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters


15. Juicy J – Hella Fuckin’ Trauma


14. Bi-Product – Selfish Girl


13. Phoebe Bridgers – Halloween


12. Bike Thiefs – Hockey Dad


11. Juice Wrld – Wishing Well


10. Grayson Capps – Harley Davidson


9. Trae the Truth, T.I., Styles P, Mysonne Ink, Anthony Hamilton, Conway, Krayzie Bone, David Banner & Bun B – Time For Change


8. The Sea The Sea – I’ll Be Loving You


7. Joseph Demaree – Shattered Castles


6. Mac Miller – Circles


5. The Black Tones – The Devil and His Grandmother


4. Steven David McKellar – Don’t Ask Why


3. Blitzen Trapper – Sons and Unwanted Mothers


2. Honey Gentry – Valentine


  1. 1. Miel – Tourist Season

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