Jeffrey Reddick [Interview]

Photo by Joseph D’Urso


Hello Folks! Welcome to the 2020 edition of our Month of Horror. It’s almost humorous that we are showcasing the motion pictured displays of horror when it seems as though we simply have to look around us to see the natural horror that is enveloping our daily lives. But nevertheless, a quick escape from the surrealism of our daily lives is often appreciated. In this vein, we honor these wonderful folks who seek to only entertain us with a good scare and a break from the actual horror that is all around us. We have assembled a wonderful batch of actors, writers, directors & beyond, who have worked on so many different projects that you know and love. I am beyond excited to share them with you all throughout the month of October. Enjoy!

Folks! As per usual, we saved the best for last in this year’s installment of our Month of Horror. All of our guests have been amazing, but today’s guest is extra special for so many reasons. It’s Jeffrey Reddick! 20 years ago Jeffrey rocked the world of horror by penning the now infamous film Final Destination, that has turned into an extremely captivating and successful franchise. In addition, he’s the man who penned the incredible 2008 reimagining of George A. Romero’s film Day of the Dead feat Mena Suvari and our dear friend and past guest Christa Campbell. More recently, Reddick wrote, as well as directed, one of not only the best horror films of 2020, but best films overall, the brilliant Don’t Look Back. I sincerely recommend this film so damn much. It’s as clever as it is frightening.

Having Jeffrey with us today is also special for a couple of other reasons. First of all, Reddick will go down in history as our 600th interview! And I couldn’t think of anyone better to mark such an occasion. Well, maybe 666th would have been more fun, but nevertheless, it’s pretty great. Also, as you may have already noticed, Jeffrey opted to go the vocal route with his interview by sending his answers in via a recording. We’ve only done it this way a handful of times, but every time it is a real delight. We would love to be able to do these things in person, but time zone constraints have made it mostly impossible. But, with that being said…….

It is with somewhat sad news that I announce that Jeffrey Reddick will also go down in history as the very last interviewee ever in our Month of Horror series, as this will be the last month that we do this. In fact, by the time next October comes around, Trainwreck’d Society will be cease to exist. Calm down, there is good news here. I (Ron) will be relocating back to the states (sort of, Anchorage, AK) very soon. And with that, the world of Trainwreck’d Society is in the stages of…..wait for it….becoming a podcast! The entire concept of the podcast is not being announce just yet, but suffice to say, as we mentioned earlier, we are looking to conduct Skype/Zoom interviews, which have ironically become all the rage these days for reasons we could have never seen years ago. More information to follow.

We are so excited to share this space with the legendary Jeffrey Reddick on the scariest days of the year, which happens to be one of the scariest years we have seen in quite a long time. He is an incredible human being, and has shared with us some of the best answers we have ever received.

So Folks, have a listen to some wonderful words from the great Jeffrey Reddick! Enjoy!




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