Sunday Matinee: Case 347 [Film]


“Psychologist and UFO skeptic Dr. Mia Jansen joins forces with two documentary filmmakers who set out to prove alien abduction claims are a form of “mass hysteria”, but during their research, unexplainable events begin and the entire crew goes missing.” – TriCoast Entertainment




Hello Folks! I hope this Sunday finds you well. It’s imperative now more than ever that we find ways to entertain ourselves, and what better way than with a nice bout of fear and suspense that doesn’t involve some infectious disease? Well, you will get this and more with today’s matinee feature, Case 347. For fans of found footage horror, I promise that you are going to absolutely adore this film. I personally have never been drawn to the genre itself particularly, but after checking out this incredibly made film, I might just have to do some more digging. Filmmaker Chris Wax has created something very special with this one and I implore you all to check it out as soon as possible.



As far as suspense films go, Case 347 is on a whole new level. With all of the elements of horror (save for “gore porn”, but frankly, who needs it?) that can be crammed into a brief time, it is all brilliantly and deliberately timed. Of course there is the occasional jump scare tossed in there to keep you on your toes, but it’s not a film that saturates itself in this idea. And it behooves me to mention that the film’s lead, Maya Stojan, is absolutely incredible at pulling you into the story, and sincerely making you believe that this is not a production, but is actual found footage. Basically, her acting is so damn natural that you can hardly tell she is acting. Which is sort of the point, right? Even if so, Stojan is an exceptional actor.


Check it out Folks! It is currently available on various digital streaming platforms (FLIXFLING, Vimeo on Demand, Vudu, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play).



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