Sunday Matinee: The Taste of Betel Nut [Film]


“A polyamorous male couple test the limits of a restrictive society when they become romantically entangled with a beautiful young woman in an award-winning new film from director Hu Jia.” – October Coast PR



Wow. Simply, Wow. The Taste of Betel Nut is less of a film, and more of an experience. I just really needed to get that out there right off the bat. It is a story about the effects of desire and the sexual awakening in the youth. It studies the effects of what it means to seem self-aware on the surface, yet isolated from society in a very real way. And sadly, it showcases the darker side of this sort of awakening with a truly cinematically thrilling ending. I truly enjoyed every moment of this film, even the darker ones as they were also representative of the truth of a situation like the one that is being presented by our three protagonists. In essence, the film is about three young people who are trying their best to find themselves in a world that seems to care less about their emotional stability amongst a frenzied society. It’s about love, it’s about sex, It’s about life.



2020, as strange of a year as it has already been, has managed to showcase some extremely interesting films thus far, especially our old friends at Uncork’d Entertainment, who you all should have become completely aware of by now, as we have featured their films on several occasions here at TWS. And something feels different about, not only with Uncork’d, but the difference in films that receiving attention these days. That’s not to say that there isn’t some fun to be had out there still. I’m pretty certain I have a screener on my list that is about a bee-filled hurricane or something. But, it is nice to spend some of these Sundays showcasing a film like The Taste of Betel Nut. It is a film with a real message, and happens to be brilliantly made as well. Filmmaker Hu Jia knocks it out the proverbial park with his directorial debut, and should truly been seen as a voice for the future. I hope to to able to see more from Jia in the future, and will definitely be on the lookout.


The Taste of Betel Nut is available now on DVD and VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.


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