Sunday Matinee: Nasty [Short Film]


Hello Folks! For those of you who logged in just a couple of days ago, today’s Sunday Matinee will be of no surprise. We recently featured an incredible and insightful interview with filmmaker Paul Chart this past Friday, and we may have mentioned that he has a new short film that is currently in circulation entitled, Nasty. While it’s not exactly available to the public just yet, as it is still making the festival route, I simply could not wait to tell you all about it. It’s an incredible short film that feels as full as a 90 minute suspense thriller.

Actor Aaron Gleason, also known as Gilly Leads in the music world, gives an absolutely phenomenal performance as the film’s antagonist who whole-heartedly seems to not understand what the hell is happening to him as he is stalked by one would-be assassin, and guided his way out of the situation, voiced by the legendary Robert Forster , by another would have been assassin. While the premise may seem simple, we must not forget that this is a Paul Chart project nonetheless, so it is best to keep your expectations high, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Nasty, as previously mentioned, features a reunion of filmmaker Paul Chart and the dearly missed Robert Forster. And with that, I have to make a personal statement here. I have to sincerely thank Mr. Chart for allowing me to showcase a project that featured Forester in any capacity. Robert has always been, and will always be, at the top of the list for me as far as actors go. He has never failed. I first came to love him, coincidently enough, in Paul Chart’s incredible 1997 film, American Perfekt. Which was a film that came out decades after he started acting, but hey, I was 12, so how could I really know? That same year he appeared in my absolute favorite Tarantino film, Jackie Brown. And whether it was his surprise introduction in the shamefully cancelled, yet insanely brilliant, TV show Backstrom, or his incredible performance in the incredible Showtime revamping of Twin Peaks, he will always be a staple of a great man/actor should be. And to have the chance to showcase is work here is a real treat. So thank you Paul, you are an incredibly kind person as well.

Back to the film itself, although I want to leave this as spoiler free as possible, I do have to say that I can absolutely guarantee that if you have followed TWS for the last decade, you are going to love this film. It is suspenseful, dark, yet even has moments of comedic relief. It resolves itself brilliantly in a way you will never see coming.

So be on the lookout, Folks! Nasty will surely be hitting the digital platforms soon and I would implore you all to see it as soon as possible!


Oh, and one last fun fact for all of our regular readers here at TWS. Examine the above poster closely. Sincerely read the quotes, and see if you recognize a possible TWS alum? Can you find it?

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