New Music Tuesday: Eamon Ra – Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity [Album]


Hello Folks! And welcome back to our latest (and far too infrequent) edition of New Music Tuesday. Today we are showcasing an absolutely brilliant singer/songwriter who is bringing the brilliant pop rock vibes of yesteryear back for your patient ears. It’s Eamon Ra, and hot damn if he doesn’t have a sound that you all should have been begging for over the last few years. This Emerald City legend is putting out his first solo album after so many years working with some of Seattle’s finest artists, as well as around the globe. Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity is actually a rather appropriate title (go figure, haha) for this scattered yet very organized feeling album. With blends of psychodelic 60’s rock with noticeable Folk centric core. And it’s all wonderful, Folks.



There are some things about this incredibly unique for our time album that will not surprise the avid music listener. And this is a compliment. Beautifully sung songs about sad thing, good thing, and all of the little messes we make in between. Eamon writes the hell out of a pop song that perfectly infiltrates lyrics into a signature sound. I say signature, because in this day and age, musicianship doesn’t seem to be a factor that anyone cares about any more. His sound harkens back to the 60’s when experimentation was key, yet stuck to a folk rock format that was recognizable and delightful. Thus to say, Eamon Ra is a musician still stuck on the idea of creating a great sound for the sake of great art. And we truly appreciate him for it.

While the entire track list is solid, I feel in my heart of heart’s that nothing encapsulates the sound that might very well define Eamon Ra himself like ” Simple But So Complicated”. It’s not the final track on the album, but I truly feel as though it real sums the entire concept of Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity as a whole. The eccentricity and the catchiness collides to form a beautiful cloud of sound that is absolutely delightful.

So check it out, Folks! I know it may feel like it’s impossible to find new music to get blown away by, but if you dig deep enough, I promise you it is out there. And Eamon Ra’s Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity is sure to be exactly what you are looking for.


Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity will be available on March 6th wherever you purchase great music.


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