Saturday Special: Kill Ben Lyk [Film]


“Three people have been murdered in London, all by the name of Ben Lyk. Scotland yard decides to gather together all the other Ben Lyks located in London until they can figure out who’s after them and why. One of the Ben Lyks is a young Youtuber, he thinks this attention on his name could finally be his shot at becoming an internet celebrity. What would you do if your namesake had been killed ? Is Ben Lyk the most dangerous name since Sarah Connor?” – October Coast PR




Folks, I have something for you all today that I think you are truly going to enjoy. We are featuring a film that is, well, to keep it simple….so damn much fun. Much like in the vein of a previous film we showcased earlier this year (Reality Queen), this is a film that takes a somewhat satirical look at a very real problem, makes it sort of terrifying, but most humorous. The film is Kill Ben Lyk, and think it is fantastic. I’ve been known to have a slight amount of disdain for the world of the YouTube elite out there, so many I am simply in love with the idea of watching someone portraying one of these figures getting hunted down and possibly murdered. Or is that too dark? Either way, the concept of the film is simple in nature, but it’s truly amplified in a wonderful way when a lovely dose of narcissism is peppered into the scenario. In fact, it’s what really made me enjoy this film.

Another descriptor I might throw out there to describe what occurs in this wonderful film is…WILD. And it starts almost directly from the beginning. In fact, I mean the VERY beginning. I seriously found myself laughing out loud in the first two minutes….just before two lives are taken. Yes, it’s that sort of dark humor that we honestly could use more of in this world today.



Director and co-writer Erwan Marinopoulos has also created something very unique with the likes of Kill Ben Lyk. For those who may not watch a thousand movies a year, the seamless transition that the film makes from hide and seek thrill ride into a who done it type mystery may not be very obvious. And I suppose that is what would make it seamless, and again, so much fun! The cast feels like an effortless ensemble, and huge kudos to Simone Ashley who is so great in this film, and has single-handedly made me want to check out the Netflix Orginal series Sex Education which she appears in. Which should be no surprise when I think about how a wonderful performer can take on a wonderfully written and complex character and make it all their own.

So, do it up Folks! If you looking for a fun hour and half of cinematic joy, Kill Ben Lyk will not let you down. I simply cannot recommend it enough.


Kill Ben Lyk is in select theaters now, and will have a VOD release coming early this year.



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