DeJuan Guy [Interview]

Hello Folks! Today we have another incredible interview with another legend in the world of acting. Today’s interview subject has been giving incredible performances in both film and television since before most of us could even imagine what we wanted to do with our lives. It’s the great DeJuan Guy! DeJuan has had a plethora of notable roles in his career, many of them will be discussed below. What was also just as fascinating to learn about what was some of the roles he may have been hand-picked for but sadly didn’t get to work on, but would make up for it a decade later. We will also discuss this below with the legend himself. Whether it is beloved sports films for 90’s kids, thought-provoking hood movies, or classic horror cinema, there are very few areas that DeJuan hasn’t spun gold within with is clear and obvious talent

We are so very excited to have this multi-faceted actor gracing our digital pages today. Mr. Guy has a wonderful story to tell, and we are so happy that he was able to carve some time out of his busy schedule to share a few words with us today. So Folks, please enjoy some wonderful words from the great DeJuan Guy!



What inspired you to get into the world of performance? I understand you started pretty early in life? What drew you to this life?
My very first memory is of me doing improv with my aunt Pinky (Irene Nettles). I guess that was my introduction to acting. We would base our improvisations off of the Cosby Show. It was from that moment on that I was drawn to perform or entertain whether it was on camera for home videos, rapping happy birthday songs on top of a table at a restaurant or performing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” at my uncle’s wedding. The feeling it gave me to be in front of an audience drew me into this buisness.
What was your very first paid gig in the world of performance? And were there any sort of lessons learned from this experience that still affect your work today?
When I was 8 years old I was discovered by the late John Singleton while portraying the role of Travis in A Raisin in the Sun for a scene study my aunt Pinky was doing for a class in which John was also a student. After watching the scene, John asked me to audition for the role of Trey in Boyz N the Hood . I read with Laurence Fishbourne and as far as John was concerned, the role was mine. However, due to the nature of the role and language content, the studio decided that I looked to young to play the role intended for a 12 year old. As a result, John was forced to cast me in a smaller role that was later edited from the film. That was my first paying gig. I learned from this experience, that just because you get on film does not mean you will make the final cut. That has stuck with me ever since.
One of your earlier works was in one of my favorite films when I was young known dearly as Little Giants. I am curious to know what the set life was life on this film? Was it as fun to work on as it was for me to enjoy as a kid?
What I remember most about Little Giants is going to audition for Steven Speilberg at his office that had a cool arcade in it. I spent a lot of hours on set and sometimes I didn’t even get to shoot, but I had fun and the food was amazing! It was such an honor to work with a legend.
Another incredible film you worked on, that I enjoyed at older age, is the John Singleton 2001 modern day classic film Baby Boy. So what was it that drew you to this project? I understand you had already known Singleton for quite some time?
My neighbor told me John was casting for Baby Boy in Leimert Park, which was not far from where we lived. I felt very comfortable crashing the audition by pulling up and requesting to see John Singleton. After given the “run around”, I told the secretary that I saw John’s car in the parking lot (not knowing for sure, it was just a guess). John was happy to see me and had me read for Jody. Later I was cast in the role of Looney Toon and the rest is history.
I understand you have a new project coming out soon entitled Eviction Notice that sounds very interesting. Would you mind telling our readers a bit about this project? What will be have the pleasure of seeing you do?
Eviction Notice is set to release next year. I play the role of Cash Clay, a record producer from Atlanta. The film is based around some college girls who have hit some hardships and need to raise money for rent. Cash Clay is interested in one of the girls and wants to help them in any way possible.
If you were handed the opportunity to appear in the biopic of any legendary figure in American history, who would it be?
I would love to be in a biopic film about the legendary Nipsey Hussle. Growing up in LA and in an area close to where Nip grew up, I can relate to his music and see and appreciate what he did for the people in the community. I strongly believe his music and message should be spread for years to come. The marathon continues. My homeboy Larrance Dopson produced a lot of music for Nip, so I have been following Nip long before there was a “Victory Lap”. I cannot think of a biopic that would have more personal meaning for me than this one.
What else does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?
You can look forward to seeing me directing as well as acting in the near future. I will continue to perfect my craft.
What was the last thing that made you smile?
Seeing my daughter Mia laugh, was the last thing that made me smile.

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