Saturday Special: A Rough Draft [Film]


A Rough Draft is set in and around the concept of open world video gaming, following a man without an identity nor memories who plays middle-man to corresponding worlds. Kirill’s identity has been eliminated. Erased from the memories of everyone around him, Kirill will be forced to serve as the gatekeeper of a portal that connects parallel worlds.” – October Coast PR




If you couldn’t guess from the description above, A Rough Draft is a fantasy film that is far more than just a visually stunning production, it is a very interesting concept derived around the possibilities of multi-dimensional existences. What if there was more? What if a series of seemingly fated mistakes were simply just the precursor to a world that is far greater than our own? It’s a hell of a concept if you really stop to think about it. If theorists are to believe that the universe is infinite and there is a possibility of our own selves living in alternate realities, would it really be a stretch to imagine that somewhere there is a portal connecting one universe to another, if only for the sake of understanding what NOT to do?

Should this be the case, this is a film that beautifully highlights the wrong in the world, and showcases what could happen if we were freed from the endless mistakes that human kind continuously puts on display. While this concept could obviously cause a bit of dread, it’s also strangely hopeful in a way if you really try to wrap your mind around it. The world is already crazy enough, but think about the one that existence in more of a tranquil, free from war and suffering, state of being. We’ll likely never see it, but as the late great Ernest Hemingway once wrote through the eyes of one of his greatest characters ever brought to page, Brett Ashley, “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”



Now, going back to the film itself rather than just its concept, what a damn ride! A Rough Draft is a visually stunning portrayal from the mind of filmmaker Sergey Mokritskiy. It’s some of the best independent visual storytelling I have ever seen. Huge props have to be given to the likes of cinematographer Aleksandr Tananov and production designer Jurij Grigorovic, who with this film alone, may be some of the best and possibly underappreciated visual storytellers in the game right now. The film’s star Nikita Volkov also shines bright in his lead role, but if forced to choose a favorite performance, my proverbial hat must be tipped to the amazing Severija Janusauskaite, who was as awe-inspiring as she was frightening at times. The good folks behind the Russian based production company, New People Film, obviously have an eye for talent. They have been in the game for a while now, and now that they have managed to team up with our dear friends at High Octane Pictures, I’m sure we can anticipate even more wonderful works of art in the future. And we are so damn grateful for that!


A Rough Draft is available now wherever you buy great films.



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