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Hello Folks! If you all could bring yourselves back to think all the way back to the year 2019, you may remember a wonderful interview we did with the co-creator and co-star of the incredible series Dark/Web, one Michael Nardelli. Well, we are so excited to share with you all some words from another brilliant star from this series, and so much more, the incredible Lana McKissack!

Prior to Dark/Web, I was honestly unaware of Lana as a performer, but needless to say that after seeing her in this incredible story unfold and her incredible performance within it, she has quickly become a favorite and is definitely somebody to watch out for in the years to come. She has been in the game since she was but a child, and has quickly progressed to be one of the best in the game. She has an exciting new project coming to you all soon from the world of horror which we all know and love to so much. We are so happy that Lana was able to take some time to answer a few of our questions. So Folks, please enjoy some incredible words from the brilliant Lana McKissack!




What inspired you to get into the world of entertainment? Was it something you have always dreamt of doing as a youth, or did you happen to find yourself in this world one day?

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, it was kind of a given that I would at least dip a toe into the entertainment industry. Most kids I knew at least went on a few commercial auditions before deciding if they wanted to take it any further. I fell in love with performing from the time I remember being alive. My parents were incredibly supportive of me and enrolled me in the youth program at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute when I was five. I’ve never looked back!

What was your very first paid gig as a performer? And where there any sort of lessons learn from this experience that you still utilize in your work today?

I did a handful of commercials when I was a toddler, but the first paid gig that I have concrete memories of was a Hershey’s commercial. They kept telling me that I didn’t have to actually eat the candy bar, but as a child, I obviously completely ignored that and ate bar after bar. I was horribly sick (and wired) that night. I’d say I learned my lesson, but I did literally just polish off a Snickers…



At a very young age, you appeared in my favorite segment of my favorite anthology films of all time, the great Four Rooms. How was it working under the direction of Robert Rodriguez at such a young age? How was your experience overall working on this project?

I loved every moment of working on Four Rooms. I was ten years old, and I got to play on set for three weeks with a bunch of amazing actors and one of the most talented directors in the world. I have very fond memories of chatting with Quentin Tarantino at craft services, doing karaoke with Tim Roth at the cast party, and Robert Rodriguez taking us on a Toys”R”Us (RIP) shopping spree when the movie wrapped. Robert was, and is, such a creative, brilliant, and kind person. We still chat from time to time, and I continue to be amazed by his work. I am also still in contact with Danny Verduzco, who played my little brother. He’s not in the business anymore because he’s out there making the world a better place, but he’s still as fun and sweet as he was as a kid.

I was recently made privy to a series you worked on entitled Dark/Web that it is absolutely brilliant. We have previously spoken with your co-star and one of the show’s co-wrtier/producers Michael Nardelli actually! So, I am curious to know what drew you to this very surreal and insane story? What made you really want to break this thing open and be a part this world?

When I auditioned for Dark/Web, I had never seen anything like it. It’s such a unique story in a format that, as far as I know, had never been done on TV. It felt so new and fresh, and also quite mysterious. The cast of the main narrative was not given the scripts to the anthology episodes, so while we were told the gist of each story, we were kept in the dark about much of the show. I know so little about the actual dark web so watching the whole series legitimately freaked me out. Having said that, it was such an amazing thing to be part of and I’m so proud of how it turned out.



One genre of film that you have done some amazing work in is the world of horror, including the forthcoming film Countdown from writer/director Justin Dec. We are huge fans of the world of horror around here. With that, I am curious to know what you enjoy the most about working in the world of horror? And what sets it apart from the several other genres you have worked on?

Honestly, my favorite thing about working on horror sets is the lunch break. Nothing tickles me more than standing in line with a monster and a few corpses, watching a partially-severed arm attempt to use salad tongs. It’s surreal and bizarre, and I love it. Apart from that, I wouldn’t say it’s hugely different from other genres I’ve worked in. No matter what the tone, I think most actors try to take every project seriously, while still recognizing that our jobs are ridiculous and usually quite fun.

You have done so much incredible work in the world of television, film, music, and more. So with that, I am curious to know what your favorite medium is to work in? If you were only allotted the chance to work in one field for the remainder of your career, which would it be?

What sick world is this in which I can only choose one?! I’m gonna loophole the hell out of this. Okay, so…I really love doing theater, and I do love music, but both of those mediums can somewhat be combined into tv/film. I could do a live taping of a musical on tv, so HA! Oh but wait, I still want to do movies too. So maybe I can be in a meta film about the live taping of a musical on tv? Yes, I’m sticking with that.



If you were handed the opportunity to portray any legendary figure in American history in their biopic, who would it be? Why?

Hands down, Mariah Carey. I look nothing like her, but I just love her so much and I find her fascinating. I really want to reenact that episode of Cribs, in which she works out on a VersaClimber in stilettos. What. A. Legend.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

Hopefully more of the same! I have voiced several very cool animated characters in projects that will be coming out in the next year. Animation takes a long time and is usually shrouded in secrecy, so I can’t give any specifics, but know that fun things are on the horizon! If you’re still in the holiday spirit, you can rent my film A Christmas Movie Christmas on iTunes/Amazon/YouTube/Google Play. Countdown is available now on digital and on Blu-ray/DVD on January 21st. And please keep your fingers crossed for a second season of Dark/Web. We all really want to do it!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

That Snickers bar I just ate. They don’t sponsor me, but if they want to…

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