Sunday Matinee: Cuck [Film]


Cuck is a gripping fly-on-the wall character study and psychosexual thriller tracking an isolated and lonely young man as he is indoctrinated into the online echo chambers of Alt-Right Ideology and hate. Touching on several topical nerves, Cuck gives a raw, unforgiving glimpse into a dark world that hides in plain site.” –



Strap in, Folks. Because holy mother of hell do we have a film to tell you about. Believe me, as shocked as you may be by the name of this film, I can guarantee you that the content of this masterpiece of a film is going to shake your world even more. It’s actually sort of sad, and definitely frightening, that this film could have easily been a straight up documentary about the times we are living in. Cuck is a film that examines the tough reality that is alive and shockingly thriving in the US, and the world, in this day and age. Zachary Ray Sherman gives a performance that is almost too spot on as a “repressed” white nationalist who feel alienated from factions of his country who strive towards progress. He feels isolated from everything in the world – especially the opposite gender in which he is attracted to, yet wants nothing to do with him. It’s this sort of behavior and thought patterns that have caused some of the insane tragedies, one being a presidential election (Hey O!), that have been far too frequent in the last 20 years, at least. Again, I have to reiterate here, as crazy as you think a film like this will be, I promise you it is more than that. Take your initial reactions, and prepare to have them shattered.



Controversy and down-right sadness aside, I feel as though it is important to acknowledge that Cuck is also a very well made work of art. Filmmaker Rob Lambert has a very obvious gift, and I am so excited to continue to examine his work in the years to come. And holy shit, Mr. Sherman! Former guest here at TWS, and star/writer/director of yet ANOTHER amazing film to be released in 2019 (Barbie’s Kenny) gives a performance that is hands down one of the best I have ever seen. He is almost unrecognizable from his previous roles on series like Everything Sucks! and the aforementioned Barbie’s Kenny. He clearly put on a ton of weight for this role, proving his dedication to the performance side of storytelling is some of the best in the game today. Seriously Folks, I wasn’t sure how Zach could outdo himself from his previous work, but hot damn he managed to pull it off.

I implore EVERYONE to watch this gem of a film. Cuck is one of the most important films of the last decade, and should be viewed by all.


Cuck is available on VOD now wherever you purchase wonderful films. Visit for more details!



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