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Hello Folks! We have an absolutely incredible line up of interviews to share with you all this week, just before we take a short break, regroup, and head into December with a massive End of Year celebration and a smattering of film showcases to round up 2019, before jumping right back into the interviews at the beginning of 2020. It’s all happening so fast, and it is always a pleasure.

Today we have some words from a very inspiring person that transcends any borders in the world of entertainment, and has managed to do some work in some of our favorite fields here at TWS, including what would arguably be the top 2 – Stand Up Comedy & Horror. We’ve celebrated the two always equally here, and the amazing Jackie Garcia has officially become a master of both. Jackie has been entertaining audiences with her no holds barred comedy styling, and recently made her horror debut in a major way, appearing in the Rob Zombie’s latest venture, 3 From Hell, in which she is phenomenal in!

Jackie Garcia is truly an artist who has it all, and we are so stoked that she was able to take some time out of her busy schedule to grace our digital pages today! She’s an incredible human being, and we are so excited that she is here with us today. So Folks, please enjoy some wonderful words from the amazing, Jackie Garcia!




What inspired you to get into the world of entertainment? Was it something you have always dreamt of doing as a youth, or did you happen to find yourself in this world one day? 

I was always in love with the camera and modeling and singing and acting. I  just loved performing even as a young kid I remember singing Whitney Houston or Madonna songs on top of the washer and dryer with my cousin to the empty back yard. And I really believe that my mother and Lucy Ball were the ones who really inspired me to get into the world of entertainment. Lucy and my mom were just so perfectly crazy and silly. As a young girl I felt so happy watching Lucy. No matter what was going on in my life, she was amazing. I could forget the world watching her. I wanted to be just like her, making people forget their own problems for a while and laugh, just for being my goofy self. Out of all the TV shows that I watched back then, she was the only one that was starring a woman. I’m glad that times have changed and now there’s more funny female-led stories being told on different platforms.

When did you first discover that you were a hilarious human being that you wanted to make people laugh for a living? 

I first discovered that I was a hilarious human being when I kept making all my classmates laugh when I was growing up but it really hit home when my psychiatrist said I should DO that. I had to see somebody after I lost my mom to brain cancer. From some of my life stories about my pain, I guess in the way I worded it, would make him burst out unexpectedly in loud laughter. 

Even though I had been an actress and studied for many years,  I was afraid of comedy. It’s so raw to get in front of people and reveal my true self with my own story  lines. When that doctor asked me what I wanted to be and what would make me happy, I responded that I would love to be a stand-up comedian. He encouraged me to start learning how to become one. That I could do it. I asked an acquaintance on how she got started and she introduced me to a comedy coach in Orange County California, Bill Word.

It turned out that the first day of class was the same date of my mother’s passing anniversary. To me that is another amazing signature moment. I now remember November 18th with bittersweet memories because that’s the day I started my journey in comedy and my mom transformed (RIP). I know she just would want me to keep making people laugh and enjoying life for the beautiful gift that it is. Bill had also told me that he had lost his mom 6 months before so if could teach the class then I could definitely sit there and listen and I did. I definitely cried that first day of class. It went well and I continued to get more bookings for more shows after that.

What was your very first paid gig in the world of entertainment? And where there any sort of lessons learn from this experience that you still utilize in your work today?

My very first private paying comedy gig was for a Facebook comedy fan that wanted to do a comedy/roast show in honor of her late mother. Another monumental signature moment that I am on the right path. It was incredible to me. It was held at the Historical Idyllwild Lodge where Elvis Presley filmed Kid Galahad. The lesson I learned from that experience that I still utilize in my work today is to have fun and just be yourself. If I could put my ass and sit in the same seat that Elvis THE KING sat in, anything is possible. Never give up on my dreams, that’s the best lesson my mom taught me. We have infinite possibilities.

As an actress, you recently appeared in the wonderful Rob Zombie horror film 3 From Hell along with our dearly missed friend and past guest Sid Haig. We LOVE horror around here, actually having just come off a full month long celebration of the genre. So, how was your experience diving into the world of horror?

My first experience in the world of horror with Rob Zombie was honestly like a dream. Working with Rob was super cool! I have always loved his music and White Zombie is still one of my favorite bands. He is also a wonderful brilliant director and writer. I felt so honored to be chosen to be part of his movie. The scenes were so fun to shoot and so artistically beautiful, even though I die.

3 from Hell is a great film, I loved it. It [was] in theaters on October 14th . Its available online. 3 from Hell [arrived] on 4K Ultra HD combo pack, a blu-ray combo pack, and on-demand October 15th. It’s available [now] digital HD from Amazon videos and iTunes.

If you were handed the opportunity to create and portray any legendary figure in American history in their biopic, who would it be? 

Lucille Ball again. Actress, comedian, singer, model, film studio executive, TV producer. Everything that people said I couldn’t be.  Ball became the first woman to run a major television studio. I want to empower other people to believe in their dreams and to follow their hearts. I would want to show all the sides of her from her family life, growing up, marriages ups and downs, and being head of her (first woman ever) own studio. 

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers? The future holds many things for me. 

I was recently reached out to from a producer I auditioned for 3 YEARS AGO, (talk about patience) for a major cable network starring as myself in a comedy weight loss competition show so I am pretty excited about that.

I’m working with a comedy mentor and he’s helping me produce my first comedy album which is being released on CD Baby, Spotify and iTunes in the near future. It’s really fun to have such a great writer and professional comedian helping me figure this comedy game out. It really is a business and people don’t really teach this side of comedy. It’s not just about the funny. Please follow me on Instagram @funnyjackiegarcia.

What was the last thing that made you smile? 

The last thing that made me smile was hearing that you wanted to interview me. Honestly thank you so much! I want you to know you touched my heart in your email to my manager!  Before that smile I had a fantastic time laughing and smiling, performing stand up comedy at the Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry where I will also be having another show this Saturday night Oct 12 featuring for Comedian Jeff Garcia. The tickets are already sold out for both shows!  My next shows are in Porterville CA, 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Comedy Bash, Sat 11/30/2019 at 8:00 pm and in Fresno CA and at the Rec Room in Huntington Beach California the night before Thanksgiving this year. 




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