Saturday Special: The Lot [Short Film]


Hot damn do we have a truly special Saturday Special for you all today. I’m almost at a loss for words at how damn much I love this new short film from the great Steven Feinartz. It’s called The Lot. And there are a lot (no pun intended) of reasons that this film is a heavy hitter for the TWS fam. To start with, the film’s main star, and co-writer, is none other than one of our dearly beloved TWS family members, David Gborie. Who – side note – actually had his Comedy Central Half Hour debut just a mere hours ago from this writing. So be sure to check that out! And if you want to hear more from David, simply watch Comedy Central day in and day out, and you will hear him as he is the goddamned VOICE OF COMEDY CENTRAL! Can you believe that shit? One of our own speaking for such a legendary broadcast!

The film itself is an absolutely phenomenal tale of a man lost in the mundane, simply seeking out the the simple joys of life whilst dealing with the insane people around him. At it’s core, the film is about a man seeking to find his place in the world and what has led him to the situation he is currently in. Also weed. It’s also about weed. And dammit all if it isn’t one of the most hilarious things I have seen a great while.

And yet another reason this is very TWS friendly short, it also features incredible performances from a few other folks we have been fortunate enough to have featured on the site, one as lately as last week! One of these folks would be the absolutely incredible Matt Braunger, who completely destroys this role with an incredible performance that would most definitely be a highlight role were The Lot to become a full blown sitcom one day, which we can all cross our fingers that this may happen (Comedy Central, where you at?). And the other would be our new friend Steph Tolev, who also absolutely slays her role. You know she’s a hilarious stand up comedian, but you haven’t seen anything like this before. Also, as sort of a great little easter egg, pay attention to a couple of folks portraying store customers in a moving shot. You may just recognize a couple of other folks who have been kind enough to grace our digital pages. Alright, it’s Zak Toscani and Mike Mulloy, but try to act surprised!

I truly cannot say enough great things about this incredible film. It was picked as a Vimeo “Staff Pick” for great reasons. Check it out below, and be sure to share it far and wide in hopes that this incredible short can one day be something even grander. Enjoy!


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